Gamer Discovers a Unique Way to Play League of Legends with Wii Remote

A League of Legends player figured out a way to link their Wii remote to their PC and used it to play Yasuo, a champion in the game.

Wii Remote Meets League of Legends

A player of the popular game League of Legends has uncovered a novel method to connect their Wii remote to their personal computer. In an innovative move, they even decided to play the character Yasuo using this setup.

Challenge for Console Compatibility

One major gripe about League of Legends for some gamers is the lack of console compatibility or the flexibility to play on-the-go. While a mobile version, Wild Rift, is available, the two platforms have substantial differences.

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Moreover, typically, gaming on League of Legends lacks a movement-element, potentially resulting in a sedentary gaming habit, particularly when bingeing during late-night sessions. Therefore, the ability to gain LP (League Points) while maintaining a level of physical activity would be a monumental step forward.

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Innovation at its Best

In a surprising move, this certain League of Legends player decided to connect their Wii Remote and sensor to their PC, customising the settings, hence enabling them to play the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

The champion chosen in this experiment was Yasuo, and the player was able to successfully control their mouse to target enemies, buy various gaming items, and more. The player, known as usr-Machintosh-HD, was also able to cast Yasuo’s spells using the directional buttons on the Wii remote. Some of these spells included Samurai’s abilities, such as the Wind Wall.

Furthermore, Machintosh was able to cast both Summoner Spells employing the plus (+) and the minus (-) buttons, located on the side of the Wii remote. Another function Machintosh could execute was the recall, activated by hitting the home button on the Wii Remote.

Although no instructions were given on how gamers could set up their own similar gaming rig, this creation could bring an exciting level of physical activity into the League of Legends gaming scene.