League Player Champion Preferences for 2025

An exploration of the preferred League champion reworks for 2025—see which one players have their eyes on.

The announcement of the Visual and Gameplay Updates (VGU) for one of League’s most outdated champions for 2025 has sparked a flurry of predictions from players about their preferred choices for the succeeding champion to receive a VGU rework.

Visual and Gameplay Updates have come to play a cardinal role in the roadmap for League's champions. They have proven to be an effective method of restoring older champions to a more contemporary standard, which is integral for the game's longevity.

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Champions such as Warwick, Udyr, and Swain have profusely benefited from these reworks in the past, which gives a sense of anticipation for the players about which champion would be next in line for the makeover.

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As soon as Shyvana, being the latest to receive an update after the completion of Skarner’s rework, was announced for the VGU update, players began to speculate about the next champion to receive an update in 2025.

The Need for Nocturne Rework

Nocturne has found itself in the list of champions players think that should get a VGU rework. This champion has been in an odd state recently. Subsequent to the Fiddlesticks rework, which was considered one of the best in the game’s history, many feel it's now Nocturne's turn for a revamp.

The Fiddlesticks upgrade played heavily on spooky paranoia themes and power fantasies, and executed them with noteworthy success, leaving Nocturne somewhat overshadowed and in need of a similar enhancement.

Nocturne's design is another cause for its recommended revamp as it’s thought to be one of the more awkward in the game, with unusual, aggressive animations.

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The current design doesn't add up with the intended theme of the “demon of nightmares,” which makes a strong case for its inclusion in the list of champions queued up for reworks.

Nocturne in VGU Polls

Nocturne has been shown up in numerous VGU rework polls over the years, although it hasn't been successful in securing the top spot. It appears that it's about time Nocturne received its turn, according to online player communities.

A player's online post was cited stating, “Now that Shyvana is out of the way… or well, on her way, we should talk about the other champion that lost all VGU polls: Nocturne.”

It's suggested that much recognition has been given to Shyvana, and she is guaranteed her deserved love in 2025. The discussion should now turn to someone else who took part in the polls and didn't win, such as Nocturne.

Players’ Opinions on Nocturne

Fellow players endorsed these suggestions, noting that many of Nocturne's abilities don't provide a rewarding in-game experience. They also mentioned that his ultimate ability felt like a hit-or-miss scenario.

They highlighted that Nocturne's ultimate skill often induces anxiety from the unpredictability of whether the champion itself is about to die, or if it's the teammate that's in danger.

For comprehensive information regarding upcoming VGU reworks and updates, a complete rundown of information about the rework of the champion Shyvana has been released. This includes details about her updated abilities, her new look, and the timeline for her release.