High-Level Teamfight Tactics Streamer Loses Despite Having a 3-Star Unit

Despite having the powerful 3-star 5-cost Bel’Veth unit on their side, a notable Teamfight Tactics streamer ended up in second place, leaving them dumbfounded.

Unexpected Outcome in Teamfight Tactics Game

In an unexpected turn of events, a known Teamfight Tactics streamer finished in second place despite having their 3-star 5-cost Bel’Veth unit that would usually secure a solid win. Teamfight Tactics, an incredibly popular auto-chess game by Riot, is built around strategy. Players are required to strategize and create their ideal composition to take down opponents. This often includes integrating different traits and synergies to bolster their army's strength.

Strategy in Teamfight Tactics

One of the strategies for creating a powerful board in Teamfight Tactics is by employing robust 5-cost units to overtake the enemy. However, this composition can be riskier because players need to reach levels 7, 8, or 9 to roll for these units. Given players manage to find these units, they can effectively make a significant impact between a win and a loss. This holds particularly true when a player manages to own a 3-star 5-cost unit, commonly resulting in an unquestionable 1st place for the holder. However, in an unprecedented scenario, this was not the case for Teamfight Tactics streamer, TFToddy.

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Unexpected Game Outcome

TFToddy was in a comfortable spot in the game with only three players remaining in the lobby, and was certain of gaining LP at the end of the game. The streamer was at level 9 and was aiming to find a Bel’Veth 3, which would conventionally assure their spot in first place. As planned, TFToddy came across the 3-star Bel’Veth unit but the outcome did not materialize as anticipated.

High-Level Teamfight Tactics Streamer Loses Despite Having a 3-Star Unit ImageAlt

The streamer faced off against a maximized Gunner Zaun board, armed with a 2-star Senna, Gunner Urgot, and more. Although traditionally, the 3-star Bel’Veth unit would have wiped out the enemy board with ease, this time, it bizarrely struggled heavily against the Zaun board. The Bel’Veth unit crumbled before successfully defeating the Heimerdinger or Zeri.

Final Thoughts

The end of the game left the streamer both dumbfounded and silent as the surprise loss unfolded. The unpredictable result highlights not only the exciting unpredictability of Teamfight Tactics but also showcases how even the strongest units can sometimes fall short in face of an unexpected enemy force.