League of Legends Players Demand Answers About Client Cleanup Project

Players of the globally popular online game 'League of Legends' are questioning the developers, Riot Games, over the lack of update regarding the promised Client Cleanup Project which has been inactive for quite some time.

Players of the popular online game ' League of Legends' are calling out the developers Riot Games for not communicating any progress on the promised Client Cleanup Project for many years.

Unsatisfactory Client User Experience Forces Discussion

The dissatisfaction stems from the common agreement among players that the game's client has not been meeting their expectations. The present client, replacing an older much-preferred version in 2017, has often been contributing to various gameplay inconvenience due to frequent technical blips.

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Riot Games, the developer, has attempted numerous patches and improvements over time, including the launching of a project named the Client Cleanup. This initiative aimed at addressing the existing issues and overhauling the user experience. However, the company has been less verbose of late about the status or progress of this mission, making players question their intent and the potential outcomes.

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A Spectrum of Player Reactions

One of the game's user in their statement mentioned their lack of surprise about the dormant state of the Cleanup project. They also noted it to be the third instance where Riot Games have failed to deliver upon their commitment to fix the launcher.

Another player criticized the client team for their inability to properly record the accurate number of matches in the game's match history, sparking sarcasm about setting any further expectations.

Plausible Reasons for Project Inactivity

A few players have put the blame on the continuous changing team structure at Riot, which is quite likely behind several projects being left midway. A player has opined that the flawed track record, specifically the inability of the client team to even count 'Last 20 Games' correctly, points out to their limited capability.

Some gamers have sarcastically referred to a claim by the company CEO about a large budget allocation for the year 2023, linking the absence of updates to this announcement.

Future Prospects

Considering the project has not been updated for two years now, it is improbable that further developments will surface anytime soon. However, there is still hope among players that Riot Games might have plans to enhance the client in the foreseeable future.

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