Fnatic Star, Wunder, Open to Switch to LCS

Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, a top laner with Fnatic, has indicated he is open to moving to LCS, keeping an eye open for top-tier teams such as Cloud9.

Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen, the esteemed top-laner who had been benched at Fnatic, has indicated his interest in a possible transition to the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). While his focus continues to be the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), he hasn't ruled out a shift to the LCS, particularly naming Cloud9 as a team he'd consider.

A Season on the Bench

Hansen has spent the majority of this season on the bench, contemplating his future. Despite having been sidelined for six months, he demonstrated his skills when he returned to action at the end of last month. Subbing for Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Muñoz who was contending with a hand injury, Wunder proved he still had what it takes. His contribution was instrumental in Fnatic qualifying for Worlds 2023 and reaching the grand final of the LEC Season Finals.

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Bright Prospects Ahead

In a conversation regarding his future with content creator Jakob ‘YamatoCannon’ Mebdi, Wunder specified that while his primary hope is to continue with the LEC, he wouldn’t close the door to an LCS opportunity. However, his bar is set high, he would settle only for an offer from top-tier sides.

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Wunder’s experience and proven skills are widely respected. He was part of the G2 team that won the Mid-Season Invitational in 2019, after crushing Team Liquid in the finals. Despite this, he was resigned to the benches when the team had a rough start in 2023, ending the Winter split in ninth place.

Having spent four years with G2, Wunder had moved on to Fnatic, replacing Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane as their top-laner. While the first year saw Fnatic placing third in both LEC splits and making it to the group stage at Worlds, Wunder’s removal from the starting lineup threw a spanner in the works.

While no decisions are set in stone, Wunder’s potential switch to the LCS reflects his adaptability and his drive to keep reaching for greater heights in his Esport career.