Debate Over Possibility of League of Legends Sequel Heats Up

Proponents argue the need for software updates and streamlining script amidst growing technical issues.<a href= alt='League of Legends'> League of Legends</a> Sequel: Possibility & Challenges

As the well-seasoned League of Legends game enters another year

discussions within the gaming community are overflowing about the potential for Riot Games to produce a sequel that encapsulates the game's evolution. Comparisons have been drawn between a hypothetical 'League 2' and the recent launch of Counter-Strike 2, perceived as a successful update to the modern era.

Game titans League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

have both outlived many live service games, proving themselves as the giants of the esports genre. However, the longevity creates ongoing challenges to maintain relevance and compete alongside fresher titles. Valve's recent release of an updated sequel to CS:GO introduced significant polishing to the original game assets and small yet influential changes.

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The overwhelming positive reception to the enhanced graphics of Counter-Strike 2

has stirred thought among the League Community. The question being posed is whether LoL could also benefit from a comprehensive overhaul. This could involve rebuilding the game from its basic roots with enhanced graphic improvements and a streamline to the engine.

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Amidst these discussions, critics argue the extent to which a fresh update to LoL is realistically feasible.

Though the game has undergone several improvements since its original 2009 release, it continues to utilize the same foundational engine, albeit with heavy modifications. Downfalls of the game's technical framework continue to persist, including regular player reports of bugs, technical issues, and demands for an updated game client.

Some Player Views

Certain players expressed satisfaction with the incremental refreshes given to LoL in the past but still acknowledged the necessity of further updates to the game client. In contrast, others argue that overhauling such a massive game is near impossible and not justifiable by the potential benefits.

Rising to the defense of developer Riot, one player commenter, 'updating League of Legends is a nigh impossible task – an issue many were willing to defend Riot on. I think none of you comprehend how big a game like League is and how much work it would be to remake!'

Comparisons With Valve

Further to this, players have pointed out that unlike Riot Games, Valve has a significant consistent revenue stream from avenues outside of their games. Considering the regular fortnightly updates to LoL, releasing a sequel that encompasses every previous game champion, item, and cosmetic feature, is deemed an insurmountable task.

Debates Continue

As debates continue, a small number contemplate the so-called ticking time bomb theory. They argue that the game could one day implode from too many tangles in the game code. Others are less convinced, concluding that Riot may never have enough time or resources to follow the path paved by Valve successfully.

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