Riot Games Reveals Co-Streaming Plans for League of Legends World Championship 2023

Riot Games announces additional information on the co-streaming options for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship, with dozens of streamers globally set to broadcast the matches.

Riot Games on Co-streaming Plans for Worlds 2023

The renowned gaming publisher, Riot Games has disclosed more information on the co-streaming plans for the forthcoming League of Legends World Championship. An extensive network of co-streamers from various parts of the globe are set to livestream matches from the Worlds 2023 throughout the event duration.

Increasing Anticipation for The Forthcoming Worlds 2023

The anticipation for the Worlds 2023 continues to build up. During this period, Riot Games has outlined how fans of League of Legends can keep abreast of the tournament proceedings throughout the five-week-long event. Over 50 streamers will be chosen to co-stream matches, providing an alternative approach for viewers desiring a more casual experience apart from the official broadcast of the games.

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The selection for the Worlds co-streaming will be by invitation only, Riot elaborates, ensuring that the selected streamers will encompass the diversity of regions and languages among the global community of the game.

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Details on the Streamer Selection Process

Less information is currently available about the streamer selection process, with only the known fact that it will be executed by Riot's local teams. The selected streamers will be 'on rotation throughout the event'. The window of opportunity to co-stream games will also be extended to the teams that qualify for Worlds 2023.

The announcement is expected to be received positively by the League of Legends community, particularly in light of last year's largely criticized co-streaming program, which included only five streamers, some of whom had no strong affiliation with the game.

Earlier this year, Riot granted over 30 streamers the permission to co-stream games during MSI 2023 which led to an audience turnout breaking previous records. With more than 61 million viewing hours and a peak of nearly 2.3 million spectators, the tournament became the most-watched MSI ever, as reported by data firm Esports Charts.

The Worlds 2023 event is scheduled from October 10 to November 19, across four locations in Seoul and Busan. The tournament will begin with eight competing teams in the Play-In Stage to secure two spots in the Swiss Stage, where 14 seeded teams are set to compete on the gaming platform.