The Debate About Starfield's Lack of Rewards for Research Projects

Explore the concern among Starfield game players over the lack of reward or achievement awards for completing all research projects held within the Research Lab, a major component of the game

In the world of Starfield, a complex space exploration and combat game, players regularly engage with an in-game feature known as the Research Lab. This is where they unlock thrilling upgrades and improvements for their gaming experience. Bafflingly though, game developers have provided no rewards or achievement awards for concluding these research projects.

An essential component of the game's allure is its combination of exploration and combat. Still, as players navigate its realms, they're continually confronted by various dangers. It's for this reason that players need to have their gear, weapons, and other facilities upgraded regularly to maintain an edge.

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It becomes troubling for players when the game's developers seem to neglect a critical aspect of gamification - rewards for achievements. This sentiment resonates with many who have been interactive with all the tasks in Starfield's Research Lab, only to discover a glaring absence of any prizes or accolades.

The Debate About Starfield

Engaging the Research Lab within Starfield offers players access to upgrades for virtually all in-game elements. On the downside, completing all research projects at the Lab doesn't fetch any awards, which players find a bit disheartening.


The discussion of this missing game feature was spurred by players sharing their founding. A player shared their dissatisfaction online after successfully completing all research projects but was surprised to find no recognition or honors given for his in-game feat.

The player's concerns resonated with others, sparking a wave of shared sentiments. Most notably, comments revealed that several players share a similar expectation of receiving some form of award for undertaking all research lab projects.

On the matter, one of the responses read, “I really expected it to reset in NG+, so rushed the research methodology skill… so uh, pro tip, research methodology is kinda useless. XD.” This comment reveals another dimension of player dissatisfaction.

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Another player joined the discussion with a different perspective, saying that they still don't understand how to fully utilize the Research Lab. Nevertheless, they reassured themselves by saying they have a mountain of resources lying in wait for when they eventually understand the process.


Part of the critic's claims on the issue was the call for a means of empowering their favorite weapons beside the present upgrading system. A look at this tells more about the depth of the gameplay dissatisfaction some players harbor.

In response to these only growing concerns, another user opines that the game's developers' lagging in recognizing and rewarding players' effort makes the in-game achievements feel obsolete, or 'dated' as claimed.

In agreement, this user pointed out that this was due to the developers' focus on taking players through the game in a linear fashion. The lack of unique and rewarding achievements reminiscent of the early Xbox 360 days gaming experience was a downside to an otherwise impressive game.

The lack of awards and rewards for research project accomplishments in Starfield seem to be leaving a bad taste in the mouth of its players. A situation such as this speaks about the necessity and role of rewards in fostering player engagement in video games.

While some of the players reasoned that the developers at Bethesda might be strategizing towards making the game's future updates more rewarding, there is a shared opinion in the gaming community that there's a need for a functioning reward system for players who perform tasks in the game.

In conclusion, having a functional reward system has grow to be an integral part of video gaming. Developers need to take heed and explore the opportunity to make their game more appealing and engaging for their player community.