How to fix Starfield audio cutting out

..but sound doesn't even travel in space..

Players of the early access version of Starfield have reported intermittent audio issues. While some may joke it's due to the vacuum of space preventing sound travel, this is clearly not the reason.

Additionally, players have noticed severe frame drops causing substantial lag, hindering game progress. Though this appears to be an optimization problem possibly resolved with a patch, dedicated Starfield enthusiasts have already begun exploring temporary solutions to the audio disruptions.

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Many ardent fans, having taken leave from work to play Starfield on its initial early access day, deserve an urgent solution to maximize their gameplay experience.

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Troubleshooting Audio and Lag Issues in Starfield

The audio disruption in Starfield has predominantly affected PC users. While developers are likely addressing this for a permanent solution, the following strategies might help alleviate the audio issues:

  1. Transfer Starfield to an SSD if it's currently on a regular hard drive.
  2. Deactivate Dynamic Resolution and enable Gsync; also, try playing the game in windowed or borderless mode.
  3. Disable options like upscaling, VSync, Motion Blur, and VRS.
  4. Adjust to lower graphical settings.
  5. For Steam users, activate offline mode and launch Starfield with administrative privileges.
  6. Ensure all your device drivers are up-to-date.
  7. Consider reinstalling Starfield.

Note: The community of Starfield has tested these solutions, and they're listed by relevance. Hence, start at the top and work your way down, verifying after each step if the audio is restored.