The Comprehensive 80-Hour Guide to Mastering Starfield

Tips and tricks you wish you had known 80 hours earlier when playing Starfield.

Mastering Video Games: More than Just Powering Through Levels

Mastering a video game is more than just powering through the levels. It’s about understanding the nuances, recognising patterns, utilising the game’s unique mechanics, and of course, discovering tricks that can hugely improve your overall experience. One particular game that embodies this complex learning experience is Starfield.

Having clocked over 80 hours into this game, a seasoned player shared his 'I wish I knew that earlier' list on Reddit. The guide offers valuable insights that can dramatically alter a newcomer’s approach towards the game. This guide, therefore, is meant to prepare you for your spacefaring journey in Starfield, a lot earlier than 80 hours into the game.

Starfield's Mysterious Image: An Analysis
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Slow and Steady Progression with Regular Save Points

The seasoned veteran advised those exploring the open-world role-playing game to take things slowly, pointing out there's no need to rush. He suggested 'save your progress' as often as possible in case a drastic turn of events jeopardizes your game status.

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Resource Management and Aggressive Gameplay

He also offered tips about strategizing and managing resources to optimize gameplay. Emphasizing the importance of being well-geared for whatever the game throws at you, he suggested 'keeping your old gears' which might come handy for trade-ins or in unexpected scenarios. Furthermore, he stressed on maintaining a healthy stock of recovery items in your inventory instead of utilizing them at the first instance of taking damage.

Playing aggressively was another strategy advocated by this seasoned player. Although it might be tempting to remain cautious and defensive, dashing head-on into battles with formidable foes can significantly improve your skills, making subsequent encounters easier.

Navigating an Alien-filled Galaxy and Managing Storylines

Understanding Starfield's alien-filled galaxy-topography that may harbor hidden threats, he urged players to 'use the horizon' as a navigational companion. Reminding players that exploration is a pivotal part of the game, he suggested being open to voyage off the beaten path as it could lead to interesting discoveries.

Navigating through Starfield’s vast catalog of quests and storylines can undoubtedly be overwhelming. However, having a clear understanding of 'when to say no' to certain storylines can prevent overburdening a player's journey through the space. Adding that it's perfectly okay to skip certain objectives if it seems too challenging or out of alignment with your current strength.

In conclusion, to master Starfield, patience, strategy, understanding of the surroundings, courage during confrontations, and wise utilization of in-game resources are key. Starfield’s expansive, open-world demands players to adapt and learn as they progress. With sound advice like this, players can steer clear of some of the most common pitfalls, potentially shaving tens of hours off their own learning curve.

A Peculiar Space Gaming Experience
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