Starfield Players Seek Improvement to Frustrating Melee Combat

Starfield players are voicing their dissatisfaction with the current melee combat in the game, expressing the need for more weapon and build options.

Starfield: A Critical Review on Its Melee Combat System

Starfield provides players with many diverse skills and traits which can give them a significant edge over opponents. With the combination of these skills and some of the best Starfield weapons, players can breeze through even the hardest adversaries.

The Melee Dilemma

However, those who prefer melee build have found the existing weapon and build options insufficient. They often feel outclassed by their ranged counterparts, a glaring drawback for gamers who love to dominate quests through melee attacks. This issue is even more disappointing, given that past Bethesda games had incredibly fulfilling melee builds.

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Critiques from players highlighted that the melee combat is underwhelming with limited weapon choices and similar attack patterns. Notably, this attack method also features low base damage, lack of modifications, and no power synergy. The most potent melee weapon discovered dishes out approximately 100 damage per swing, significantly lower than a single shotgun blast or semi-auto round.

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Player's Frustration and Expectations

These limitations can be frustrating for gamers who favor melee-focused strategies. Open-world games usually give players an array of influential and satisfying melee weapons, as seen in the previous Fallout series by Bethesda.

Although perks exist that can help mitigate the melee combat issues in Starfield, the fundamental problem lies in the overall lack of damage and survivability when using these kinds of builds.

Despite the current limitations, optimistic players are hopeful Blizzard will enhance the melee combat system and builds in forthcoming updates. They recognize the massive scope of the game and believe enhancements will be made in future iterations, given the past delays and the partial package delivered.

The Future of Melee Combat in Starfield

The potential improvements could include the addition of robust melee weapons and modifying features. However, until these changes are implemented, players may need to exercise caution before they get overzealous with their axes.