The Absence of Melee Weapon Upgrading in Starfield

An exploration of players' concerns regarding the lack of melee weapon upgrading in the forthcoming game Starfield.

Understanding Starfield

It's essential to understand Starfield's gameplay mechanics. This game is a forthcoming creation of Bethesda Softworks, famous for its RPG titles. Unlike many RPGs, Starfield is set in space, adding a whole new level of intrigue to the gameplay.

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Starfield's space environment is vast and expansive, and players can explore the galaxies, battling enemies or seeking out hidden treasures. It's this immense scope that makes the game highly anticipated among avid gamers worldwide.

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However, not everything about Starfield has excited prospective players. A particular issue that has raised eyebrows is the apparent absence of melee weapon upgrading in the game. This gameplay choice by Bethesda has sparked much online discussion.

Given Bethesda's track record of allowing weapon customization and upgrading in previous RPG titles, it seems unusual for them to exclude such a feature in Starfield. Indeed, this decision could significantly impact the game's approach to combat.

The Appeal of Melee Weapons

Melee weapon upgrading has always been an appreciated feature in RPGs. It adds versatility to combat and offers the players a sense of progression, making weapons more powerful as the game progresses.

Without this feature, Starfield players worry that melee weapons will become too weak compared to upgraded ranged weapons. And that could lead to gameplay scenarios where players might feel compelled to overlook these weapons altogether.

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This could also limit the options for players who typically prefer short-ranged combat. This dynamic could have a detrimental effect on the overall enjoyment of the gameplay for many.

In a combat scenario, having a set of melee weapons that could be upgraded according to individual players' preferences might create a well-rounded character able to handle various fighting situations.

Managing Player Expectations

Bethesda has yet to confirm the absence of weapon upgrading officially. Therefore, some players hope that Bethesda has yet to reveal this feature. If this is the case, it's a move that would likely please many gamers who are keen to see this return.

However, if Bethesda confirms that there will indeed be no opportunity to upgrade melee weapons, it might disappoint a considerable part of the gaming community. Managing expectations in this case becomes tricky.

This lack of clarity can lead to speculation, which can fuel disappointment if expectations are not met. Therefore, Bethesda is in a somewhat precarious position with the community’s anticipation high for Starfield.

Bethesda may seek to address this imbalance by introducing other elements to the combat system that can potentially compensate for this apparent lack. Until more details emerge about the game, it remains speculation.

The Necessity of Balance in Gameplay

Obtaining balance in gameplay is a key aspect of any RPG. Without a balance between different types of weapons, the gameplay might feel lopsided and less enjoyable for players with diverse combat preferences.

In Starfield, the balance between ranged and melee attacks is crucial. If melee weapons remain un-upgradable, they may become weaker and less desirable over time compared to ranged weapons.

Consequently, removing melee weapon upgrading could potentially skew the gameplay heavily in favor of ranged combat, limiting the options for short-distance fighters who prefer to engage their enemies on a closer level.

This could disproportionately impact combat and strategy, drastically altering players' approach to the game, which could lead to frustration and decreased game enjoyment.

Finding a Solution

There are a variety of potential solutions to balance the absence of melee weapon upgrading. For example, Bethesda could make melee weapons naturally stronger, reducing the need for upgrades.

Making melee weapons more diverse would also add depth to combat, ensuring that these weapons remain viable options throughout the game. Similarly, Bethesda could introduce other upgradeable items that could enhance melee combat.

However, the simplest and possibly the most accepted solution would be to simply allow melee weapon upgrades similar to other weapon types in the game.

Until Bethesda clarifies their position, the community continues to hope and speculate about the possible inclusion of melee weapon upgrades in the forthcoming game.