Starfield Director Howard Encourages PC Users to Upgrade for the Game

Starfield Director Todd Howard suggests PC users to upgrade their systems to enjoy the game fully. The game has received mixed reactions, with some players struggling with performance issues.

PC Optimization Issues Affect User Experience in Starfield

When queried about the PC optimization issues, Todd Howard, Director of Starfield, publicly encouraged PC users to upgrade their systems for the better performance of the game.

Starfield's Chart-Topping Success

Already chart-topping in Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield has become the most 'wishlisted' game in the history of both Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios, as per the claims of Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox. The Role-Playing Game (RPG) astonishingly managed to amass a million concurrent users on the first day of its wide release. However, not everything has unfolded perfectly in the Settled Systems.

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User Issues with Starfield on PC

Many users have reported numerous issues with Starfield on PC, encompassing audio bugs, crashing, visual stuttering, and other performance problems. For some, these issues have become so severe that they felt compelled to query Howard about it in public.

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Director's Reply to User Queries

In a live TV interview for Bloomberg Technology, Howard was asked a question from the audiences, 'Why did you not optimize this game for PC?'. Howard responded promptly saying, 'We did. It’s running great. It is a next-gen PC game. We really do push the technology, so you may need to upgrade your PC for this game.'

User Reactions to Howard's Reply

While some found Howard’s reply insightful, others considered it dismissive. One user voiced his disappointment, 'Look I generally like Todd, but this statement is just straight-up disrespectful. There is no good reason why my 6700 XT and R5 5600X can’t maintain 60 FPS in 1080p, even on low settings.'

Many others shared their opinions, saying things like, 'Todd, you can’t say that if you shipped without DLSS 3.5.' and 'The team couldn’t even put an FOV slider into the game in 2023, runs okay for me but some things are pretty basic in PC gaming.'

Prospect of Better Optimization for Starfield

Despite PC modders launching mods that install Nvidia DLSS for smoother framerates, hopes are brimming among the PC user community for better optimization for Starfield from Bethesda itself.