Streamer Shows Hilarious Cheat Clip From Bethesda's Starfield

A clip of a Starfield streamer's amusing visualization of in-game cheating has given the internet a chuckle.

A Starfield Twitch streamer has demonstrated, in a humorous clip, what cheating might look like if it were implemented in Bethesda's space RPG.

Starfield debuted with players discovering a range of standard Bethesda bugs in the game, where the renowned streamer Shroud has even called for more bugs to be added to the game to contribute to its “charm.”

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Bethesda's games are notorious for their frequency of bugs and their popularity among modding community. However, their single-player open-world RPG games have traditionally avoided letting cheats affect their gameplay.

Streamer Shows Hilarious Cheat Clip From Bethesda

Cheating More Common in Competitive Multiplayer Games

Cheating is more common in competitive multiplayer games such as FPS titles, where the aim is often to provide an unfair advantage over opponents.

However, a player has humorously demonstrated what cheats for Starfield would look like if they were included.

Streamer Presents 'Aimbot' Cheat

A player shared an example titled “What aimbot in Starfield looks like.” The clip features a Twitch streamer finding a beer pong table with cups. They pick up a ping pong ball and prepare to take a shot.

The streamer asks their viewers if they think he’ll make his shot while playing beer pong. Viewer excitement brews as the streamer successfully throws the ball, which lands in the cup on the very first attempt.

Viewer feedback chimed in to commend the streamer for the stunning shot. Despite the impressive performance, some have talked about the potential of such experience if modders make the game multiplayer.

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“Most enjoyable Starfield mechanic,” a viewer mentioned.

The enormous universe present in the space exploration game boasts more than 1000 planets, providing an abundance of items and objects for players to interact with. In addition to playing beer pong with items, another player has devised a brilliant strategy for breaking through emergency doors to make a hasty escape in Starfield.