Starfield Players Express Frustration Over Lack of Manual Space Flight

Starfield players voice their disappointment over the game's fast travel system, which limits the freedom and sense of exploration.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> Player Disappointment Over Space Travel Limitations

Starfield Player Disappointment Over Space Travel Limitations

Starfield players are voicing their frustration over the game’s lack of manual space travel. They argue that the existing fast travel system severely limits their sense of exploration and freedom.

Existing Travel System

Many players have just realized that the only mode of travel between planets is through the simple method of selecting a destination from the menu. Despite the convenience of the fast-travel feature, the game does not allow users to seamlessly fly from space to their chosen planet. This discovery has been a massive disappointment for space explorers who would prefer to fly manually between planets rather than use a fast-travel system.

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Many players have shared their disappointment with the space travel system. One Starfield player commented, 'I was willing to compromise on the take-off and landings, but the fact that flying to every location is literally fast travel is utterly gutting. There’s no feeling of exploring or traveling for that matter. I would love at least the ability to manually travel to other planets and moons.'

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Comparisons to Other Games

Players have compared Starfield's travel mechanics to other games such as 'No Man's Sky' and even 'Lego Star Wars'. Interestingly, the latter title, despite being a Lego game, offers a more immersive travel experience, as pointed out by players.

Response from Bethesda

In response to the criticism, Bethesda clarified its design philosophy prior to the game's release. In an interview in June 2022, Todd Howard from Bethesda stated that the seamless travel feature between space and planets was not crucial to the player's experience. Howard explained that Bethesda's focus was on making the on-surface and in-space experiences as excellent as possible. He further mentioned that spending excessive time engineering the 'segue' between the two would be wasteful since it does not significantly contribute to the player's experience.

Workarounds and Hope for Future Updates

Despite their disappointment, some players have found workarounds or are hopeful for future updates. For example, one user discovered that by powering up the ship's gravitation drive, it allows menu-free travel between systems, though the screen goes black momentarily. However, the absence of seamless planet landings remains frustrating for players who wished for a more immersive space flight experience.