Starfield's 2024: Expansion and New Features

A recap of Bethesda's end-of-year update, detailing plans and new features for its space epic game Starfield in 2024, which include a major DLC expansion, updates, and official mod support.

In a recent year-end update, game developer Bethesda revealed its plans for its space epic game, Starfield, in 2024. These include launching a major DLC expansion and implementing some much-requested features.

As 2023 wound down, Starfield emerged as one of the most eagerly awaited game releases. This was because it wasn't just Bethesda's first new independent product after over two decades, but a promise of an expansive universe to explore in a game.

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The game, released in September, garnered mixed reviews. Players were divided on whether the game's expansive map was enticing or felt too desolate.


Even if Starfield didn't get off to the start Bethesda dreamt of, the developer has shared details about what the game has in store for 2024. This includes regular updates, official mod support, a story expansion called Shattered Space, among other enhancements.

In detailing the game's roadmap for the new year, Bethesda provided some player statistics on the official Starfield website. This also served to give an overview of the game's progression so far.

The posted infographic revealed that more than 13 million players have collectively spent over 22 million days on Starfield, reportedly making the CombaTech Beowulf weapon highly popular with over 595 million kills.

The game developer confirmed plans to roll out regular updates every six weeks, starting from February 2024, as previously mentioned by a Bethesda representative on a community platform.

Although the company didn't delve deep into the specifics, it hinted at player-requested features such as city maps and additional gameplay options for customization of the game difficulty level.

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Bethesda also announced plans to launch the highly-awaited mod support tool called the Creation Kit.

Notably, the gaming company touched upon the Shattered Space expansion which had been disclosed along with the Starfield's Premium and Constellation editions. Although details about exactly what the DLC will entail remain scant, Bethesda disclosed that the development team is heavily invested in the project that will offer new story content, locations, gear, and much more.

Bethesda intriguingly refers to Shattered Space as the 'first major expansion' for Starfield, implicitly suggesting plans for additional DLC content further ahead.

While it's unclear when exactly these updates and content additions will occur, it is apparent that Starfield players will have much to look forward to in the coming year.

Meanwhile, be sure to catch up on all the latest news, guides on Starfield, and much more. Prepare yourself for an exciting year of exploration in Bethesda's epic space universe.