Starfield Player Redesigns Game’s Inventory UI Due to Usability Issues

An avid Starfield player goes the extra mile by redesigning the game’s difficult-to-navigate Inventory User Interface, sparking conversation amongst gamers about its overall usability.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> Player Redesigns Inventory UI

A dissatisfied Starfield player redesigns the Inventory UI

A dissatisfied Starfield player, infuriated with the game's Inventory User Interface (UI), has taken matters into their own hands by redesigning the menu. The new design aims to be easier to navigate and addresses a prevalent concern amongst gamers about the game.

Starfield: A Highly Anticipated Game With Unintuitive Design

Starfield is one of the most-awaited games of this year, and it's no surprise that it has been the center of discussions, particularly regarding its usability for novice players.

A significant issue that gamers find with Starfield is the difficult-to-navigate and unintuitive menus and inventory UI, which has been described as the reason behind numerous players and streamers drifting away from it after only a few hours.

Support for the Redesign

On a positive note, there's been a burgeoning support for one Starfield player who proposed a redesigned inventory menu which displays individual items in an easy-to-see grid layout, as opposed to the list layout utilized in the actual game.

Users on an official platform quickly backed this redesign, with many hoping game developers would take notice and implement a similar system in the game. Support came flooding in with comments like, 'I hope Todd is lurking and he sees this.'

Player's Frustration About Current Design

As quoted by one player summarizing their frustrations with the game's current inventory design, 'Seriously, why is it that these AAA game developers always seem to drop the ball on simple stuff like this? It isn’t just Bethesda. And I know almost everyone involved in designing games are themselves gamers, or they wouldn’t be in the industry. Any gamer knows that the less clunky and more informational and user-friendly the UI is, the better. Yet that seems to be the number one thing that needs to be modded in any new game.'

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