Starfield Players Express Desire for Customization Feature and Robot Building Like in Fallout 4

Starfield players have expressed their desire for the introduction of a feature that would enable them to customize Vasco and build robots like Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC.

Throughout the Settled Systems in Starfield, players encounter several companions they can team up with. Characters such as Mathis, a pirate companion is an example - gamers can strike up a friendship with him upon completion of the Crimson Fleet quest. Moreover, Barrett, a member of Constellation and an adventurer, becomes recruitable once the Back to Vectera mission concludes.

Reactions to Starfield Companions

Players have expressed varied viewpoints about Starfield's companions when compared to those in games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. Vasco, a non-human companion in the new RPG, has garnered quite a favorable reception.

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Vasco's popularity among players has led to hopes Bethesda has bigger plans for the character in the future.

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Customization of Vasco

In a recent online discussion, a user proposed the idea that players should have the ability to customize Vasco. The same user also suggested that building a robot should also be an available feature.

The post positively resonated with others, attracting nearly 6,000 upvotes. For one, Fallout 4 introduced the mechanics of creating robots with the release of the Automatron DLC in early 2016.

Given this precedence in Fallout 4, players of Starfield wonder why a similar mechanic was not incorporated into the new galactic journey.

'We should be able to customize Vasco or build our own robot!' - u/Spartansoldier-175 in Starfield

Customization as DLC or Free Update

There are differing opinions among players about how this feature should be introduced. Some players believe that this would be most suitable as a DLC release, while others hope for it to be part of a free update.

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The original poster commented, “I figured they would make it a DLC, but it should be in [the] base game.” Another user argued that this better be a free update, voicing disappointment about the absence of a feature present in a previous game, only to be reintroduced as a paid DLC.

The Future of Vasco-centric Content

Currently, there is no confirmation on whether Starfield will introduce advanced Vasco-related content. There was no comment from Bethesda about the post-launch support for Starfield. However, director Todd Howard had confirmed earlier that DLCs are part of the future plan.