Starfield Player Crafts Unique Pokemon-Inspired Bulbasaur Ship

A creatively-minded Starfield player utilised in-game mechanics to construct a Pokemon-themed vessel modelled on Bulbasaur, sparking interest and admiration among gaming community members.

An inspired player of Starfield has ingeniously applied the RPG’s in-game tools to construct a Bulbasaur inspired, Pokemon-themed spaceship.

Starfield’s impressive ship-building mechanics have provided players with the opportunity to stretch their creative limits. A wide array of player-designed builds have already attracted public attention, featuring recreations such as Batman’s Batwing, the Millenium Falcon and the Normandy from Mass Effect.

Given the accessible ship-building mechanics, one particular gaming player triumphed in having an AI create an 'unbeatable ship'. Its unconventional design challenged the typical aesthetic standard and displayed an arduous struggle to take down due to its innovative construction.

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Stirring Creativity and Imagination

Unique creations thus far appear unlimited, offering a broad scope of possibilities. One recent build that has snatched attention from the gaming community draws inspiration directly from a much-loved Pokemon character.

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A screenshot of a ship design far from ordinary was recently shared online, with credit for the exceptional building given to YouTuber CurtisBuilds. This wasn’t just any games ship design however, the visual creation under examination was modelled explicitly after Bulbasaur, the well-known Gen-1 grass/poison-type Pokemon.

A Tribute to Pokemon World

Closely resembling the pocket monster, the creative Starfield ship observes the same colour theme, blue on the bottom and green on top, bearing a structure that mirrors a four-legged amphibian. The inspiration behind the build taken from Bulbasaur is hard to miss, as you discover for yourself in the post linked below.

Applauses and Praises

As anticipated, Pokemon enthusiasts were left marvelled by the extraordinary Bulbasaur ship build. User feedback communicated sheer amazement at the captivating design. One user shared, 'Okay, this is so sick, I need to step up my game here!' another comment suggested, 'By a landslide, this is the coolest ship I’ve seen yet.'

In the meantime, many are contemplating when their ship-building abilities will begin to reach a similar level. Some express frustration, 'I feel so disheartened that I can’t even modify my achilles because I fear I’ll botch up the modifications, yet people are producing Gundams out of Pokemon.'

One can only anticipate that outstanding builds such as this will motivate even more players to bring the spirit of Pokemon into the universe of Starfield and its expansive gaming possibilities.

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