Bethesda's Starfield NPC Walking Speed Frustrates Players

Players of Bethesda's Starfield express their frustration over the inconsistent walking speed of NPCs. <a href='' alt='Starfield'>Starfield</a>: An Inconsistently Exciting Space Adventure

The universe of Bethesda’s Starfield game

The universe of Bethesda’s Starfield game offers one consistent frustration for players - the troublingly inconsistent walking speed of Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Starfield's launch, eagerly awaited by early-access players, was officially set for September 6. This highly anticipated space exploration game promises players their own unique space adventure, yet the reception has been varied among players and critics alike.

Varied Reception

Some are appreciative of the game’s complexity and the option to discover diverse planets. In contrast, others were less impressed, primarily with the game’s storytelling and space flight mechanics. However, almost every Starfield player can agree on one issue; Bethesda hasn't handled the walking speed of NPCs well.

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Player Sentiment

Player sentiment was accurately captured in a post that stated, 'Bethesda has once again managed to make a game where the walking speed is too fast and the slow walking speed is too slow when following someone.' The frustration was further highlighted in another post lamenting the fact that NPCs walk slower than the player can run, but faster than the player can walk.


Is this a minor problem?

While this might seem like an minor problem, it's worth noting that games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 have already resolved this issue. In these games, your character automatically matches the walking speed of the NPC you’re following. Other players pointed out that this problem is more apparent on PC due to the difficulty to control character speed on a keyboard.

Additional Criticisms

In addition to the inconsistent walking speed, criticism of the game's NPCs is growing. Many players have pointed out that the NPCs have robotic and unvaried behavior. Facial animations also came under fire, with characters described as resembling people on stimulants.

A Long-Standing Issue

Bethesda has been grappling with the NPC walking speed issue for years. Many players have asked why it continues to remain unresolved, especially as the full release of Starfield is imminent. It remains to be seen whether Bethesda will resolve this issue before the official release, or if players will face this annoyance for the game's lifespan.