Starfield Players Express Appreciation for Bethesda's Attention to Detail

Starfield players are expressing their appreciation towards Bethesda's decision to delay the game for refinement, specifically praising the company's efforts to perfecting the minute details which enhance the gaming experience.

The players of Starfield Express Gratitude

The players of Starfield, the incredibly popular videogame, are expressing their gratitude for Bethesda's decision to delay its release. The developers are being praised for choosing to focus on carefully perfecting even the smallest details of the game.

This popular sentiment comes amidst criticisms other games have faced for releasing seemingly unfinished products, for example, Cyberpunk 2077.

Starfield player recreates popular Star Fox ship Arwing in-game
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Bethesda's Decision

In light of these concerns, Bethesda made the decision to delay the release of Starfield, shifting its initial 2022 release date. The time has clearly been well spent, with players taking note of the developers' unwavering attention to detail.

Starfield Players Express Appreciation for Bethesda

Attention to Detail: An Example

For instance, in a recently released clip, a player can be seen shooting an NPC in an area that is integral to the main storyline. In this area, a counter clearly marked with the label 'Hours Without Incident' is prominently featured. Once the player shoots, the timer, previously displaying '35', resets to '0', and begins to count up as time progresses. This small detail has sparked conversations among the player community, with one player humorously stating that this feature is 'Just Bethesda doing Bethesda things'.

Positive Reception Post Clip Release

Following the release of the clip, players have expressed their relief and support of Bethesda's decision not to rush Starfield's release. This sentiment was resonated by a player who stated, 'So damn glad for the delays now, game is great.' The gaming community is buzzing with excitement about the level of detail that has been integrated into game mechanics, with many comparing this level of keen attention to detail to the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, a game still continuously being unpacked by gamers long after its release.

Game Mechanics

Furthermore, players have noted that the 'Hours Without Incident' counter does indeed continue to clock up hours while they carry out missions and side quests. One player reported an increase up to 72 hours. Players believe that these little details significantly contribute to a positive overall perception of the game.

Room for Improvement

Despite some aspects of Starfield needing improvement, such as its PC performance, players remain optimistic. Borrowing the words of one player, 'Little details like this are so cool' and significantly boost player experience. While technical issues can be ironed out with patches, proper attention to detail is a quality that not every developer can gracefully exercise, and it appears that Bethesda is doing just that with Starfield.