Skyrim's Infamous Bucket Trick Makes Return in Starfield - But Not Quite as Expected

The notorious bucket trick from Skyrim has found its way into Bethesda's newest game, Starfield, although not with its former stealing capabilities.

In an unexpected twist, the infamous bucket trick from Skyrim reincorporated into Bethesda’s latest release, Starfield

In an unexpected twist, the infamous bucket trick from Skyrim has been reincorporated into Bethesda’s latest release, Starfield, stirring great interest among the gaming community.

Bucket Trick in Skyrim

Shortly following the launch of Skyrim in late 2011, gamers discovered an intriguing glitch that facilitated stealing in-game. The trick involved placing a bucket over the head of a character whom the player intended to rob. Subsequently, the player could seize valuable objects unnoticed, as the bucket obstructed the character's view.

Starfield's Success in the DICE Awards
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Effectiveness in Fallout 4

Surprisingly, this ingenious tactic was found to be effective in Fallout 4 as well, leaving all wasteland vendors vulnerable. However, it appears that the developers have decided to put an end to this gimmick in Starfield.


Return of the Bucket Trick and its Implications

Although the return of the characteristic bucket trick has excited many, a key question remains: does the bucket serve the same stealth and sneaky cheat purposes as it did in Skyrim and Fallout 4? According to a piece from PCGamer, the ordinary bucket is no longer capable of blocking an NPC’s vision, eliminating its former stealth capacity.

Even though characters don't react when players place buckets over their heads, they maintain awareness if an item is stolen under their supervision. This suggests that while the well-known trick has made its way back into the game, it doesn't offer the notorious edge it once did.

Controversy Surrounding Bethesda's Janky Gameplay

This discovery has sparked debates surrounding another notorious Bethesda feature - jank. Bethesda executive Pete Hines has defended the criticisms regarding janky gameplay, suggesting that it's the price of developing adventurous experiences centered around 'player freedom'.

Player Response to Bethesda's Design Decision

However, the overall positive response to Starfield indicates that most players appreciate this trade-off, and continue to support Bethesda's design decisions.