Starfield Players Claim Real Adventure Begins in New Game Plus Mode

Players are experiencing enhanced gameplay in Bethesda's Starfield's New Game Plus mode. Here's why this feature is causing so much buzz.

Exploration into Bethesda’s New Game Plus Mode in Starfield

Within the extensive cosmos of Bethesda’s game Starfield, players argue that the real adventure only starts during the New Game Plus mode, instead of the initial playthrough.

About the Game

Starfield, released for early-access gamers on September 1, is a space adventure game that offers a variety of activities besides its main storyline. Roving or taking side missions, the game promises limitless experiences.

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General Feedback and Criticisms

Despite receiving generally positive feedback, the game has been criticized for its pace with some players claiming it takes too long to become enjoyable. Notable streamer Summit1g has communicated his frustration, stating, “If the game cannot intrigue me in four-plus f*cking hours, it’s not doing a good job. Cyberpunk got me in ten minutes!” Asmongold mirrored this feeling, stating the game lacked the “wow factor” that titles like Elden Ring provided.

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Focus besides Main Story

Reportedly, Starfield stands out when players spend time on activities outside of the main story. Focusing only on the storyline could lead players to a lesser experience; however, exploring other features of the game could make it more enjoyable. Critics and early players have stated that the “real game” begins in the New Game Plus mode.

Gamer Opinions

Greg Miller from Kinda Funny tweeted, “The amount I have to say about New Game + in #Starfield is staggering. I’ve written and deleted so many Tweets where I try to say something without spoiling anything. I’ve truly never role-played a character the way I am in this RPG.”

Unveiling the New Game Plus Mode

The specifics of what the New Game Plus mode offers to players remain largely unknown. Questions like, “What does NG+ give you that makes losing all the progress of the first save worth it?” are common.

Responses to questions have been vague, with one player noting that revealing specifics would result in “major story spoilers.” The player who initially raised the question replied later, “Yeah. I just rolled credits maybe 30 mins ago and I’ll admit I understand now why people aren’t saying it. Really neat way to tie everything together from Bethesda.”

A New Perspective

These reactions align with expectations set by Bethesda’s Todd Howard who revealed that New Game Plus “adds a unique and exciting twist on New Game+ to incentivize continued and repeat play.”

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Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated role-player, the consensus appears to be that Starfield’s New Game Plus mode is where the real journey begins. And for those willing to invest the time, that journey promises to be a rewarding one.