Innovative Method Discovered For Gaining Experience In Starfield

Gaming enthusiasts find a unique way of enhancing their gaming experience in Bethesda’s Starfield, by igniting love affairs in the game.

Starfield Players Discover Innovative Experience Booster

Starfield players have found an innovative way to garner massive boosts in gaming experience. This intriguing method involves engaging in intimate relationships with their gaming companions.

Bethesda's Sci-Fi RPG Out of Early Access

Bethesda’s much-anticipated sci-fi RPG, Starfield, has successfully transitioned out of its early access phase. The colossal RPG has received an overwhelming response, attracting thousands of players worldwide, who are tirelessly exploring novel ways to level up their characters.

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Unexpected Method to Accumulate Experience

Players have been trying various approaches, including progressing through the main ongoing storyline and discovering glitches to farm seemingly-infinite credits in their quest to become the most affluent explorers in space. Yet, an unexpected method for accumulating large amounts of experience in the game has been uncovered by some bold and innovative players.

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In-game Relationships: More Than Just Role-Playing

Emphasizing the importance of in-game relationships for the optimal gaming experience, players have discovered that perks come with sleeping in the game - but it isn't about flying solo. Starfield allows players to build relationships with various companions met in their space adventure. A select few among these may even develop into romantic interests if the player navigates their actions in the game skillfully. Successful infiltration of a companion's heart culminates in the player’s ability to share the bed with them, as part of the game.

Dozing off alongside a game companion isn’t just for the narrative or role-playing, it offers a significant 15% experience boost entitled 'Emotional Security.' Guaranteeing an experience boost far superior to merely 10% that one gets from sleeping alone; this proves to be a worthwhile theory.

Initiating Romantic Relationships in Starfield

Initiating a romantic relationship with a companion in the game isn't as challenging as it may appear. Regular bouts of adventure and occasional small talk with the companion should open the opportunity to flirt with them paving the path for starting a romantic relationship. Moving along this trajectory, players may eventually profess love and get hitched.

Marrying in Game for a Pleasant Experience Boost

Entering the marital bed with their in-game companions facilitates a pleasant in-game experience boost, besides other intangible benefits. The game handles these scenes delicately, limiting them to a few casual comments uttered by the companion. The whole experience leaves the player with a buff and warmer, armed with the comforting knowledge of being loved by someone, as they continue to explore the vast universe of Starfield.