Starfield Player Surprised by Dinosaur Sabotage Preventing Fast Travel

An unexpected dinosaur appearance on a space ship prevents a Starfield player from utilizing the fast travel system.

Starfield Player Discovers Unusual Game Mechanic

A Starfield player recently expressed surprise upon discovering why the game wouldn’t allow them to fast travel while still aboard their spaceship. This happened despite the apparent simplicity of the fast travel system in Bethesda Game Studios’ latest RPG where players can jump from one point to another while on foot or in outer space just by opening the map and plotting a course.

Occurrence of Travel Limitations

There are certain instances when this particular traveling option is unavailable in Starfield. It happens mostly when players who receive a 'fast travel is currently unavailable' message during a mission. In such cases, the players are advised to complete whatever remaining mission parameters are left. The most common reason for fast travel interruption comes from users who are still engaged in combat when attempting to travel elsewhere. One player, however, learned the hard way that combat encounters can sneak up unexpectedly.

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The Unexpected Encounter

The player was attempting to fast travel while playing Bethesda’s new space-faring RPG when the game would not set a course - a perplexing obstacle that prompted the player to rise from the chair in the cockpit of their ship. The reason for the fast travel block soon became clear once the cockpit animation ended; a dinosaur-like creature had boarded the spacecraft and the game perceived the player as being in the midst of a combat encounter.

Starfield Player Surprised by Dinosaur Sabotage Preventing Fast Travel ImageAlt

This stowaway was far from friendly, its roars and clawed slashes at the player creating an unexpected and startling moment. When asked how the creature ended up behind the captain’s chair, the player stated that it must have spawned from their last stop. They recalled, “When I took off, I noticed a random animal on top of my ship as it flew away. I guess it spawned inside once it was finished loading me into space.”

A Lesson for In-game Explorers

This revelation could prove an important lesson for in-game explorers. If fast travel on a ship in Starfield isn’t working, it may be because a dinosaur-sized surprise is quite literally waiting in the wings.