In-Built Glitch in Bethesda's Starfield Launch Sends Spaceships Awry

Starfield, Bethesda's highly anticipated space exploration game, suffers from an unusual bug which unexpectedly launches players into space with just their ship's cockpit, leaving the rest of the ship behind.

The Glitch in Bethesda's Starfield

The glitch came out as a part of Bethesda's space exploration game, Starfield, that was released in early access on September 1st, and had its complete release on September 6th. Despite some less favourable reviews earlier on that might have daunted its start, it is being increasingly perceived as a wild success. Some people believe the initial negative reviews were a result of players being too impatient with the game and not allowing it time to unveil its true potential. Hence, an increasing number of gaming enthusiasts are enjoying exploring Starfield's vast universe.

Bethesda's History with Bugs

It's not new for game developer Bethesda to include various bugs in their games, and Starfield is no different. One such bug being an infinite money glitch, which had players in abundance becoming space millionaires. Even popular gaming creator Shroud expressed a wish for more in-game bugs for this Sci-fi RPG. Shroud argued that Bethesda’s “bug-filled” games add a touch of unexpected charm to them. His wish was granted with Starfield players as they continue to encounter glitches that launch them into space in a hilarious fashion.

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Unexpected Launches & Limited Journeys

One of such funnily annoying bugs resulted in a strange occurrence: at the launch of the spaceship, everything except the cockpit was left behind. A Starfield player shared a video of the glitch, where he was seen getting launched unusually into space with just his spaceship's cockpit, setting off on a rather limited journey in the vast universe. In the video, the player could be seen starting the takeoff sequence normally, before the interesting turn of events. It seems the unexpected incident was caused by a bug, believed to be related to the Ship Building feature.

In-Built Glitch in Bethesda

Another player noted, “You cannot move in space as your thrusters are still on the ground, so I hope you’ve got some fast travel points.” Yet another added, “I could also activate boost and shoot weapons, but only the sounds would play and would not actually do anything.” It's ironic but the strange bug seems to be surprisingly common. However, Bethesda has yet to provide a fix for it. In the meantime, players have found a temporary workaround by closing and restarting the game. Don't forget to save often to avoid your favorite ship build being left behind as the glitch rolls out. Stay safe, pilots!