Starfield player left stranded on planet due to unexpected spaceship behavior

A player in the popular new game Starfield, created by Bethesda, recently shared a hilarious experience where their spaceship stranded them on a distant planet.Funny Gaming Experience with <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>

A Whimsical Incident in Starfield Gameplay

A gamer enjoying Bethesda's latest release, Starfield, recently shared a whimsical incident where their spaceship deserted them on a far-off planet, leaving them isolated. The game’s great expanse offers a multitude of things to see and loads of adventures to embark on with your companions.

Interstellar Travel in Starfield

To journey across this vast space, players require a spaceship. Starfield provides a feature-rich spaceship creator, allowing gamers to customize their interstellar vehicles. But even this creative process can sometimes lead to hilarious and unexpected consequences.

New Leaks Spark Excitement for Highly Anticipated Starfield
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Unexpected Spaceship Abandonment

One player, during a humorous occurrence, found that their spaceship decided to abandon them on a planet immediately after they made some modifications to it. According to the player, the spaceship seemed to take off without them, leaving them stranded. The player later joked, 'POV: you’re a Tesla owner who did not pay $10.99 a month to start your car'.

Starfield player left stranded on planet due to unexpected spaceship behavior ImageAlt

Player Responses

This glitch spurred several jokes among the players, with one user commenting, 'Shouldn’t have installed such an advanced AI module'. Another one added humorously, 'Vasco going for a joy-ride with his new AI GF'.

Bugs in Starfield

With a game as massive and intricate as Starfield, the presence of bugs is expected. Bethesda's other RPGs gained notoriety for their bugs, and it seems the newly released game isn't far different. However, when these bugs lead to amusing scenarios like these, they add a dash of fun to the gaming experience instead of subtracting from it.