Starfield Modders Craft Star Wars-Inspired Universe

Starfield game modders implement enhancements reflecting iconic Star Wars elements in less than two weeks since game's pre-launch.

Modders Transforming Starfield into Star Wars Spinoff

Modders of the RPG game Starfield by Bethesda did not waste time incorporating Star Wars-inspired elements into the game. Within only a week after Starfield's early access launch, players started seeing iconic space opera elements, including Star Wars-inspired ships and other modifications. The introduction of these elements opens up the opportunity of transforming Starfield into essentially a Star Wars spinoff.

The Role of Modders in RPG Games

Modding is a phenomenon eagerly anticipated by many Bethesda RPG players. As the life cycle of these games progresses, modders engage in enhancing the game, layering new content onto the already vast universes. It is typical for the modding community to take a few months after a game's release to produce mods that can redefine the gaming experience significantly. Modders work on these improvements during their free time, and the enhancements they produce usually have a positive reception from the players' community.

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Star Wars Elements in Starfield

A short while into Starfield's early access, the integration of a Stormtrooper mod along with various Star Wars ship designs gave players enough tools to mould their own Star Wars epic. Star Wars fans are no strangers to Starfield. Given the absence of a large-scale open-world Star Wars title allowing players to explore distant parts of the galaxy, players have gravitated towards making their custom Star Wars universe using Starfield.

Starfield Modders Craft Star Wars-Inspired Universe ImageAlt

Furthermore, modders' quick launch into action led to a galaxy full of Stormtroopers running wild. The modders started with creating ship designs using in-game tools, aiming at reproducing classic Star Wars starships. These interesting builds, along with a mod contribution featuring remarkably accurate Stormtrooper suits, profoundly transformed the game's environment. The game's cities, controlled by the UC security, have assumed a whole new Star Wars-like character. Modder kboykboy has plans to transform the Freestar Collective into Rebels, promising a war resembling that of the Star Wars saga.

Player Experiences and Future Expectations

This blend of in-game creativity and mods give players the possibility of experiencing the thrill of a chase by Storm Troopers when retreating in the Millenium Falcon. Players are sharing their exciting experience with these additions, only a week following the game's early access. Even with over 1,200 mods introduced since its early launch, players are still enthusiastic about seeing more Star Wars content. A particular request is for 'Blasters + lightsabers ON THE DOUBLE.' Although it might take a little time to create unique assets for iconic Star Wars weapons, with the pace and enthusiasm shown by modders so far, more Star Wars-related content is a certainty.