Starfield Constellation Watch Inspired by Historic Timepiece

The Constellation watch featured in the upcoming space adventure game Starfield and its collector's edition shares a rich background with a real-life historic timepiece. This development reveals further intricate details about the game and its elements.

Todd Howard Shares Insights on Starfield's Constellation Watch

In a revealing discussion, Todd Howard shared insights about the Constellation watch present in Starfield and its Collector's Edition. He stated that the watch was influenced by a real-life watch with a rich history.

Unveiling Aspects of Starfield Ahead of Its Release

As the release of Starfield looms, more aspects of the massive space escapade are being unveiled that shed light on how the team was inspired during its production.

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One key feature that Bethesda has repeatedly highlighted is the Constellation watch. This in-game time accessory seems to be received by the player at early stages of the game, with its replica also being part of the sold-out Constellation Edition.

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Howard shared information regarding the genuine inspirations for the Constellation watch, highlighting strong ties to his personal life and the history of space exploration.

Inspirations Behind Starfield's Constellation Watch

During an interview with GQ, Howard shared stories about his personal timepiece, an Omega Speedmaster. Known commonly as “the Moonwatch,” this timepiece was worn by Buzz Aldrin during his momentous moon landing. Both Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had Speedmasters, but Armstrong's remained on the lunar module due to a timer malfunction. Howard received this iconic watch as a gift from his wife.

According to the interview, Howard’s affection for a watch with strong connections to space exploration significantly influenced the creation of Starfield’s Constellation watch. This in-game timepiece is received by players upon joining the game's primary group of explorers.

Given the rich history of the 'Moonwatch' and its personal significance to Todd Howard, it is understandable that Starfield’s Constellation watch has become a significant part of the game’s identity ahead of its launch.

Functionality of the Constellation Watch in Starfield

In Starfield, a player’s Chronomark serves an essential function as part of the game’s UI. Beyond functioning as a compass, it displays a stamina bar, environmental information, and much more.

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Notably, the Constellation watch that is part of the Constellation Edition can connect to smartphones and assumes a similar role in the real world as its gaming counterpart.

The case design for the watch also reflects the space travel history, resembling lunar sample return containers used by astronauts during the Apollo era.

Attention to Detail in Starfield's Development

Although a minor detail, the game’s HUD being based on a real-life watch with significant historical and sentimental value to its director showcases the level of detail and consideration that seems to have gone into Starfield’s development.