Hidden Fast Travel Feature in Starfield Discovered

Despite criticisms about travel mechanics, players find unexplained feature enabling fast travel without maps<a href=https://thegamerchronicles.com/starfield alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>: Discovering Hidden Features

The popular game, Starfield:

Fast Travel & Hidden Features

The popular game, Starfield has faced criticism over its seemingly cumbersome space travel mechanics. However, it appears that players can actually fast travel within the galaxy without needing to navigate the much-maligned menu system. A massive part of Starfield's appeal is the ability for players to explore the stars and take their spaceship to uncharted sectors of the galaxy. Players were at first disgruntled with the game's travel system, which appeared to necessitate the use of a complex map menu leading to complaints about lack of immersion.

Solution Uncovered

Surprisingly, players discovered that it is entirely possible to fast travel to new regions of the map using the scanner, without having to navigate any menus. While some still object to the game's various loading screens wishing for a more immersive experience, they were astonished to realize they had been criticizing the game for a lacking feature that was there all along.

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How To Fast Travel

The method to fast travel outside of the map menu involves opening the scanner and selecting the desired destination. An additional step is necessary in space-spaceship players need to target their destination, but it's still very feasible to fast travel directly from the cockpit.

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New Discourse Opened Up

This feature has, however, opened up a new discourse. While many players appreciated the discovery, several were exasperated at the lack of in-game explanation. Other players have intimated that this might not be the only hidden feature in the game, suspecting that the game might house more secrets which have not yet been discovered. While there's a general consensus that discovering new features can be exciting, many players believe that the game could improve its user experience by providing explanations about gameplay mechanics.

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