Space Shanty Singer in Video Game 'Starfield' Revealed as TikTok Sea Shanty Star

Players exploring deep space in 'Starfield' video game are treated to space shanties sung by an NPC, who turns out to be a popular TikTok sea shanty singer

In their virtual travels in the video game 'Starfield', players have encountered an unusual character

Players have been encountering a peculiar character in their gaming adventure in Starfield - a pilot serenading the cosmos with space shanties. High quality gaming doesn't always just involve graphics and gameplay, sometimes it involves unusual characters too. This character is non-playable (NPC) and was soon discovered to be none other than a prestigious figure from TikTok's sea shanty community.

Starfield NPC Popular With Players

In the vast terrain of games that players navigate, the NPCs in 'Starfield' have been creating a lot of chatter lately. This is primarily owing to their weird conduct such as giving creepy gazes, interrupting players mid-dialogue and much more. However, amidst all of this, gamers encountered a unique experience that made many develop an unforeseen liking for Starfield's NPCs – an unexpected interaction with a rare NPC who is seen orbiting a planet and singing a space shanty. Upon visiting the 'Starfield' IMDb page, players found out that the harmonious NPC is voiced by none other than Nathan Evans, a Scottish TikTok user. Nathan Evans played a vital role in the sea shanty trend that captivated the internet in 2020, proving music's influence transcends medium and so too does high quality gaming.

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User Interaction with Singing NPC

This singing NPC of Starfield is a distinct part of the game's unanticipated encounters presented to players. Players can either praise or critique the NPC's song. Numerous games enthusiasts shared their personal experiences on discovering this unique event, fuelling an exciting discourse in the online gaming community.

Space Shanty Singer in Video Game

One player shared a heartening interaction: "I found him twice and he sang different songs. Told him that his song made my day and he replied that my comment made his day," they jotted down. Another player concurred, saying "It’s the small stuff that’s so cool," indicating that such encounters can drastically elevate a player's gaming experience.

Frequency of NPC Encounter

Despite the allure of the shanty-singing character, some gamers expressed their wish for him to appear more often during their gaming sessions. "I was severely disappointed when he grav jumped away. I could take him as a radio station singing shanties while I travel the stars," a gamer proposed.

Evolution of Shanties in Video Games

Sea shanties are not a new addition in video games. For example, the game "Assassin's Creed Black Flag" showcased a popular selection of sea-themed songs. However, the inclusion of space shanties has definitely given a new flavour to this genre. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Starfield, as we continue to provide a wide-ranging coverage of this galactic RPG. We offer detailed guides, gaming tips and explanatory articles to ensure your interstellar journey is of utmost high quality.