Starfield Players Praise Lockpicking Feature as 'Super Satisfying'

Players of Bethesda's sci-fi RPG, Starfield, express their enjoment of the game's reworked lockpicking feature.

Player Admiration for Starfield's Lockpicking Feature

Players of Starfield have expressed their admiration for the ingenuity of the game's lockpicking feature. They have described the experience as both satisfying and rewarding.

About Starfield

Starfield, a sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda, offers a wide variety of quests, story missions, and activities. Despite certain elements of the game lacking polish, the plethora offers ample opportunities for players to immerse themselves in their Starfield journey. A feature that has stood out for directly contributing to the positive gaming experience is that of lockpicking.

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Lockpicking in Starfield

In comparison to other games, the lockpicking feature in Starfield provides a unique gaming experience. Bethesda has reinvented the mechanism formerly employed in Fallout and Elder Scrolls. As players attempt to unlock a chest or door, they are challenged with a minigame in which they need to align a series of sequences within a fuller circle. This new approach to lockpicking presents a stimulating puzzle for those who enjoy problem-solving. Players can pick any lock with a little patience, losing only one digipick per attempt.

Starfield Players Praise Lockpicking Feature as

Player Reactions

On another note, a considerable number of players have expressed their enjoyment of this new system of lockpicking. In one discussion, a user described how there's an actual point to lockpicking in Starfield and mentioned that chests often contain items of value worth the lockpicking effort.

Another player commented on the lockpicking feature being the best they've encountered in any Bethesda game. They praised it for presenting a fair challenge that can't be cheated and the calming nature of its puzzle-solving component.

Advice for New Players

In the same discussion, a helpful user offered advice for those struggling with the lockpicking minigame. They suggested avoiding the 'undo' button and instead starting over for a fresh attempt.


It is commendable to see Bethesda reinventing a well-established aspect of their RPG games and creating something so unique and engaging. Indeed, it is immensely satisfying for players to successfully align and enter all the sequences in the lockpicking minigame.