Popular Glitch From Bethesda's Previous RPGs Appears in Starfield

A notorious glitch from previous Bethesda titles, including Skyrim, has been found in Starfield, allowing players access to hidden vendor loot. <a href='https://thegamerchronicles.com/starfield' alt='Starfield'>Starfield</a> Exploitation

A popular glitch from Bethesda's previous RPGs, like Skyrim, has been found in Starfield, and it has been already exploited by a player.

This glitch is a notorious part of Bethesda's player experience.

One of the more infamous glitches involves vendors

In games such as Skyrim, Bethesda created NPCs players could trade with by placing a chest of tradable items, floating a few meters below the gaming world. Over time, players discovered these concealed chests could be accessed by manipulating their character out of bounds, ultimately providing them with free access to substantial loot. Now, such a feature has been noticed in Bethesda's latest release, Starfield.

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Observed Glitch Strategy In Starfield

A video detailly titled 'When Bethesda game engine is 22 years old, you find stuff like this…' shows how to execute this glitch in Starfield. Just like in Skyrim, all a player needs to do is first navigate their character out of bounds, then make their way over to where the vendors are situated in the game world above. This is especially effective with the architecture in large settlements, such as New Atlantis.

Popular Glitch From Bethesda

From there, players can see that the chests sit just underneath the vendors; albeit they might look a bit more high-tech, it's essentially the same strategy applied in Skyrim a decade ago. In essence, some things never change.

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