Modders Reinvent Starfield’s Combat AI and Stealth Mechanics

A new mod offers improvements on the combat AI and stealth mechanics of Bethesda's acclaimed game, Starfield.

Improving the Starfield Universe Experience

In the expansive universe of Starfield, players have often found themselves grappling not just with extraterrestrial challenges, but also with the game’s combat AI and stealth mechanics. However, help is now at hand as modders have offered solutions that promise to redefine the Starfield experience.

Introducing The Experimental Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls Mod

One mod that has rapidly gained traction over the past week is the “Experimental Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls” by NickMillion. With over 7,000 downloads and more than 180 endorsements, this mod transforms the combat experience in Starfield by making various adjustments to Starfield’s AI. The result is a smarter companion system and a more intuitive combat and stealth dynamic.

Stranger Seeks Assistance in Traveling to Unexplored Starfield
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The mod’s “Experimental Combat AI” ensures NPCs are more decisive, making them scramble to cover faster and engage more cohesively as a group. They now employ advanced tactics, from suppressive fire to seeking optimal firing positions. The “Experimental Combat AI 2” further refines these tactics, especially when it comes to using cover. Players can expect NPCs to be more strategic, often employing grenades to flush them out.

Modders Reinvent Starfield’s Combat AI and Stealth Mechanics ImageAlt

Stealth gameplay also sees a significant upgrade with the “Experimental Stealth AI.” NPCs now exhibit better object permanence, alerting allies upon finding a dead body or sensing any suspicious activity. This makes stealth more challenging but also more rewarding for players who master it.

Players' Feedback and the Future of Starfield

Feedback from players on Nexus Mods has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments like “This will go down as one of the most important mods added to the game” and “Absolutely endorsing this. Competent AI and speedier more fun gun fights.” However, it’s not just the AI that has been a point of contention. Starfield’s melee combat has been described by many as “lame” and “underwhelming.” Players who favour melee builds often feel outclassed, longing for the satisfying melee combat seen in previous Bethesda titles.

Yet, there is hope on the horizon. Todd Howard, the visionary behind many of Bethesda’s iconic titles, recently confirmed that Starfield will receive official mod support in 2024. This announcement has ignited hope within the community, anticipating even more innovative mods that will further enhance the game. But for now, players can at least look forward to combat AI and stealth enhancements with this popular new mod.