Starfield Player Discovers Efficient Trick to Open Emergency Doors

An innovative Starfield player has discovered an expedient way of unlocking emergency doors by means of explosion-triggered blast. This surprising method has excited fellow players and broadened gameplay strategies.

An Inventive Method to Unlock Emergency Doors in Starfield

A Starfield player has discovered a unique way to unlock emergency doors in Bethesda's famous space exploration game, Starfield. The game has been enticing players ever since its release on September 1, inviting them to take on the countless challenges it offers within its expansive universe, home to over 1000 planets.

As the players delve into exploration, they come across many obstacles including lockpicking, puzzle solving, and enemy encounters. A common challenge players face involves the emergency doors scattered around various dungeon planets. These doors often act as valuable secret exits.

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Unexpected Solution to Bypass Obstructing Doors

A one-of-a-kind solution has been located by a player to overcome these blocking doors. The player's avatar can be seen picking up a fuel container and placing it at the door's base. The player then moves to a safe distance and fires at the container, causing detonation and blasting the door off its hinges.

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While there are other options like using grenades or laser cutters, this explosive method adds a certain dramatic flair to the game. The players' enthusiasm regarding this new unlocking technique is undeniable. Several players have left comments admiring the blast-induced door opening method.

Surprise and Excitement Among Players

It might be surprising to some, but several players admitted that they weren't even aware that the game allowed interactions with emergency doors or objects. One of them stated, “I was today years old when I realized you can open them”, indicating their amazement at this just-discovered game mechanic.

In a related development, another Starfield player unlocked an easier way to acquire one of the highest-rated spacesuits in the game. These discoveries showcase the endless potential for players to find innovative ways to engage with the immersive Starfield universe.