Lord of the Rings Easter Egg Discovered in Starfield Video Game

Starfield, a recently launched Xbox and PC game, has hidden a Lord of the Rings reference in it, much to the delight of fans.

Subtle Lord of The Rings Easter Egg in Starfield

Adding to its charm, the new video game Starfield has included a subtle Lord of the Rings Easter egg. This aspect of the game references a popular quote from the film that has been frequently used in memes.

Starfield Launches Worldwide

Following the completion of its early access period, the game Starfield has now launched worldwide. Xbox and PC gamers around the globe have eagerly started playing, and some ambitious players have already managed to complete the game in just 3 hours.

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Pop Culture References in Starfield

The game has also provided the opportunity for players to inject their own popular culture references into Starfield via the in-built ship-builder. Such references have so far included nods to both Batman and Star Wars. However, these additions are not compensating for any shortage of cultural references included by the producers, Bethesda.

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The Secret Easter Egg

One subtle Easter egg has been tucked away within one of Starfield's many in-game items. This reference pays homage to a highly popular Lord of the Rings quote. If you need a clue, the item is the same one used by a player to demonstrate the game's impressive physics recently.

Did you guess it? The game's potatoes have been used to harbor this Lord of the Rings Easter egg. The description of the item reads: 'Can be prepared in many ways. Boiled, mashed, used in a stew.' This is a clear nod to Samwise Gamgee's famous 'Po-tay-toes' monologue, in which he lists the various ways in which potatoes can be cooked.

Excitement Over Cultural References

Some users who discovered this reference couldn’t contain their excitement. 'This is amazing,' one user declared. 'One of my favorite moments in Lord of the Rings, and I quote it in my head nearly every time someone says ‘potatoes’.' Smartly included cultural references like the Lord of the Rings one mentioned add an extra layer of enjoyment to the game and enrich the gaming experience.

Discover More Easter Eggs in Starfield

Starfield contains numerous such Easter eggs. Bethesda has hidden references to a range of iconic sci-fi films throughout the game, even including an evident Star Wars reference within the game's achievements. To enhance your experience while playing Starfield, a range of accessible guides and information is available.