Starfield Perk Allows Players to Evade Law by Gaslighting NPCs

The Starfield RPG contains a unique perk that lets players gaslight Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), allowing them to evade the law.Article on <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a> Gameplay

In Bethesda's Starfield, Players can Gaslight NPCs

In the recently released science fiction RPG Starfield by Bethesda, a unique perk is allowing players to gaslight NPCs so effectively that they forget they were even hunting them. Starfield has found immense popularity due to its expansive world, varied NPCs, and quests where players' decisions significantly impact the game play.

Character Development in Starfield

Like other Bethesda titles, Starfield also encourages creativity in character development. Players can craft their characters according to their preference by investing their skill points across different trees as they level up. However, Traits, which are advantageous or disadvantageous attributes, are a somewhat different concept. Traits are a unique feature of the character, pre-selected at the time of character creation. The game allows players to select only three traits in total.

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Unique Use of a Trait in Gameplay

A certain game player, known online as EarlGrey_Picard, discovered an amusing way to use the 'extrovert' trait. Using this trait, they reportedly unlocked a dialogue option that let them gaslight a law enforcement officer within the game, who was accusing their character of suspicious behavior. The player effectively led the officer on a wild goose chase, until the NPC got too confused to continue the chase. Consequently, the player successfully managed to evade the law in the game.

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In the world of Starfield, the extrovert trait turned out to be a surprisingly effective tool in gaslighting NPCs, showcasing the depth of the game's mechanics and the immersive role-playing experiences it offers.