Imagining Starfield in the Colony Era

A reimagination of Bethesda's Starfield game set in the adrenaline-filled and chaotic period of human colonization and space exploration.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if Bethesda's Starfield was set during the human colonization era? The period marked by thrilling exploration, as humanity plunged into the depths of space, conquering frontiers that once existed only in dreams. It's an image truly deserving of cinematic depiction.

The epoch of colonization proximately presents a chaotic and adrenaline-filled journey. Tensions were high as nations attempted to stake their claim in the celestial sphere; a frontier fraught with danger yet overflowing with opportunities. If Starfield was set during this period, it would provide a fascinating backdrop.

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Space Exploration and Starfield

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The allure of the unknown has always captivated the human imagination. It's what drove our ancestors to cross the treacherous seas, and it's the same impulse that propels our scientists and explorers towards the stars. Starfield, Bethesda's ambitious project, could have wielded this feature to its maximum potential, had it been set during this era.

Imagine trekking across uncharted planets, braving alien ecosystems, and surviving in inhospitable environments. The exhilaration of being the first human to set foot on an alien world or the terror of coming face-to-face with extraterrestrial life forms would present compelling gaming experiences.

Chaos and Order in the Cosmos

The era of colonization was unequivocally a period of intense chaos. As humanity leaked into the cosmos, conflicts inevitably erupted. Power plays and territorial disputes were punctuated by flashes of courageous exploration and selfless sacrifice. This sense of chaos excellently aligns with the gameplay dynamics in Starfield.

However, amidst this chaos, new systems of governance and societal structures evolved, marking the birth of a cosmic order. These conflicting dynamics of chaos and order could have painted an intriguing world for gamers to explore in Starfield.

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Battle for Celestial Supremacy

A relentless battle for territorial supremacy would be an enticing feature of the game, had it been set in this historical period. Staking claims on newly discovered planets, nations and corporations would inevitably clash, providing thrilling gameplay scenarios.

Players would have the opportunity to engage in complex negotiations, deploy subterfuge, or directly confront adversaries. This constant threat of combat would keep the players perpetually on their toes, contributing to a gripping gameplay experience.

Deep Space Mysteries

During the colonization period, humanity made enormous strides in understanding outer space. The observation of celestial bodies, the formulation of complex astronomical theories, and the possibility of alien life forms were all discoveries that moved mankind closer to comprehending the cosmos.

Such themes of scientific discovery and adversity could be superbly integrated into Starfield. Players could be tasked with solving astronomical problems, uncovering alien artefacts, or even communicating with extraterrestrial life.


Setting Starfield in the colonization era would undeniably provide a dramatic atmosphere for players. The thrill of space exploration interwoven with the chaos of territorial disputes, all occurring against the backdrop of mankind's relentless march into the stars, provides tantalizing gameplay potential.

While we may never see this game set in such a historical context, there's no harm in utilizing the expansive realm of imagination. Here's to enjoying the Starfield we have and dreaming up the Starfield that could have been.