Starfield Players Detect Hilarious Real-World References in Game Transmissions

Players traversing Starfield's universe have come across some amusing allusions to real-world nuisances via incoming communications.

Adventures in Starfield: A Universe Teeming with Laughs

Adventurers journeying across the universe of Starfield have stumbled upon some amusing references to real-world irritants via in-game transmissions. One of the most thrilling parts of Starfield is the opportunity to construct a ship and explore space. With over a thousand planets to discover, players who aspire to witness all the game has to offer may end up devoting a significant amount of time on their spacecrafts.

Navigating a Living, Breathing Cosmos

While navigating across the cosmos, players sometimes receive communications from other spaceships. These transmissions reveal that Starfield's rendition of the final frontier is as rife with pranksters and scammers as our modern-day Earth.

The Power of Side Stories in Starfield
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Already, players have encountered messages from unidentified ships and from in-game non-playable characters. In one instance, a player was humorously informed, 'We’ve been trying to contact you about your ship’s extended warranty.' This, of course, is a nod to the annoyance of spam calls soliciting car owners about extending their car's warranty. This prank has been so pervasive in the United States, it's ascended to the status of an internet meme.

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Player Reactions

These easter eggs within Starfield have not gone unnoticed by players. Reactions have ranged from amusement to assertions of the game creators' brilliance. Some players have even joked about retaliating against the source of the message.

The Prankster: UC Lil Muv

But that's not the only gag players have come across in transmissions. One shared a video of their ship receiving a call from a character named 'UC Lil Muv.' Possibly a space radio show host or just another prankster in Starfield, Lil Muv asked the player if they knew the way to the planet Uranus. When the player responded positively, Lil Muv retorted with the comical 'I sure hope so. It’s right behind you!'

The Never-Ending Fun of Starfield

Though seemingly minor, these humorous additions significantly enhance Starfield experience by making the game world feel genuinely alive and relatable. And let's not forget the added humor these references bring to gameplay. Regardless of the distance from Earth or the advancements in technology, it seems that these in-game calls about one's spacecraft’s extended warranty will remain as persistent as in real life.