God of War Director David Jaffe Calls Starfield One of Best Games

David Jaffe, God of War director, commends Starfield as one of his top three games, encouraging all to experience this adventure through Game Pass.David Jaffe and <a href=https://thegamerchronicles.com/starfield alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>

Renowned Director of God of War Shares His Love for Starfield

Renowned director of God of War, David Jaffe, has become an intense admirer of the game Starfield. He has encouraged all game enthusiasts to experience this journey on Game Pass, declaring it as one of his all-time top three games.

Starfield and the Gaming Community

Starfield has been warmly received by the gaming community. Praise has been abundant for the game’s awe-inspiring locations and its revolutionary New Game Plus mode. Despite the occurrence of odd glitches, such as the frightening staring NPC bug and bizarre facial animations, players have continued to enjoy the game.

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David Jaffe's Perspective

David Jaffe has been greatly enjoying Starfield, to the extent of declaring it in his top three games, a commendation that holds significant weight considering the game's recent release.

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"I’m console agnostic, y’all KNOW that,” said David, "A great game is a great game. I say this because if you love games as well and don’t have an Xbox, you owe it to yourself to get Game Pass for a month and try out Starfield. It is easily one of my top 3 games of all time.”

Jaffe's love for Starfield is so intense that he has urged both Xbox and Sony enthusiasts to put an end to their 'childish' console wars and just enjoy the experience of playing this game instead.

His advice to gamers is direct, "Now your mileage will vary of course, BUT if in the past you’ve found yourself realizing your taste and mine is similar ENOUGH, don’t let this childish console ‘war’ nonsense keep you away from this brilliant thing. If you love 1p action adventures, you owe it to yourself."

Exploring Starfield

With the official availability of Starfield on Game Pass, there's simply no better time to explore this adventure. For those looking to embark on their journey through the stars, they can check out our Starfield page and keep up with all the latest news and guides concerning the game.