Starfield Critic Tricked by Actual NASA Images, Mocked for Criticizing Mars' Graphics

An online critic of the game Starfield has received heated comments after mistakenly judging real NASA images as game graphics.

A critic of the forthcoming game 'Starfield' inadvertently criticized real images from NASA thinking they were 'poor graphics' from the game. This spectacle unfolded recently when the individual published negative comments about the graphics of the much-awaited game, using images of Mars obtained from NASA's database as an example.

As it turned out, the image in question was part of real-life footage captured by the Mars Rover, a detail that the critic had missed. The images offered a realistic representation of Mars, capturing the planet’s rugged terrain and the reddish-orange hue that it is known for.

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Starfield has been subject to a lot of speculation since its announcement due to its hype status and potential. Expected to be released in November 2022 by Bethesda, it promises to be an experience 'like jumping into a Star Trek or Star Wars movie.'

Starfield Critic Tricked by Actual NASA Images, Mocked for Criticizing Mars

A screenshot of the critic’s post promptly went public, and he soon found himself in an amusing situation, as fellow internet users mocked him for his error. What the critic thought was a poor representation of Mars in the Starfield game was, in reality, the red planet itself.

Reactions to the critic’s blunder were broad and varied. While some internet users pointed out the mistake made, others couldn't help but express their amusement over such a trivial error. That 'Starfield's graphics were mistaken for reality speaks volumes about the potential visual prowess the game could possess.

The unsuspecting critic's confusion may underscore the growing expectation around Starfield's graphics. If the audience expects such high-quality graphics from the upcoming game that a real image is mistaken for it, then Bethesda's claims of an immersive space environment could well be on the mark.

However, it will be crucial for the game developers to manage these high anticipations to avoid disappointment. As we edge closer to the debut of Starfield, Bethesda is much anticipated to reveal more about the game's graphics and how it successfully mimics reality. Indeed, the incident has only added to the fervor surrounding the game's upcoming release.

As the lines between virtual and real worlds continue to blur, the anticipation around the graphics of this game is a testament to how far technology has come. The near photographic-realism that games like Starfield aim to achieve is becoming the new standard, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

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