Exploring the Debate: Should Players Rush Through Starfield for New Game Plus?

With the Starfield universe expanding, the debate on whether to rush the initial playthrough for New Game Plus mode has triggered mixed opinions among players and critics.<a href=https://thegamerchronicles.com/starfield alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>: New Game Plus Mode Analysis

The Expanding Starfield Universe and the Debate on the 'Real Game'

The Starfield universe is continually expanding sparking a debate on how best to experience it. Many players and critics argue that the 'real game' begins in New Game Plus mode, posing a question: Should you rush through the initial playthrough to get there?

Early-Access Feedback on Starfield

Since its early-access release on September 1, Starfield, Bethesda’s latest space exploration game, has received both praise and criticism. Despite impressing with its expansive universe and intricate game mechanics, the game's pacing became a point of contention. Critics suggested that the main storyline provides a somewhat lackluster experience.

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'Real Game' Unlocked Beyond Main Quest

Many argue that Starfield’s true potential is only unlocked when you venture beyond the main quest. Critics and early-access players now suggest that the 'real game' starts in New Game Plus mode. However, the specifics of what New Game Plus offers remain a mystery, with players hesitant to release details due to 'major story spoilers.'

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To Rush or Not to Rush: The Starfield Dilemma

The question now, should you rush through Starfield for New Game Plus? Majority of the critics and some players who sped through the initial playthrough to unlock New Game Plus do not recommend rushing. Critics like Greg Miller from Kinda Funny says, “You don’t have to blaze through the main campaign, but don’t play it the way you would have traditionally played a Bethesda game.”

Deeper Insights

Miller further explained that while games like Fallout and Skyrim tend to sidetrack players with side quests and distractions, Starfield requires a different approach. He urges players to pursue side quests that interest them and to stay focused on the main missions.

Similarly, a tweet from a player known as CohhCarnage, advised players against rushing through the Starfield main story to reach New Game Plus. Though there’s additional content in the New Game Plus mode, players are encouraged to take their time.


These insights seem to suggest that rushing through Starfield just to access New Game Plus isn't worth it. However, if you’re enjoying the game and wish to continue playing after the main campaign ends, it’s clear that there's no need to complete every single side quest or explore every nook on your first playthrough.

The real fun, according to critics and early-access players, begins in New Game Plus.

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