Are Dogs Extinct in the World of Starfield?

A recent release from Bethesda Game Studios reveals that pets such as dogs may be extinct in their much-anticipated game, Starfield, causing a stir among gamers.

Bethesda's Starfield Game: No Dogs in Space?

An item description recently surfaced in the Bethesda Game Studios' game, Starfield, suggesting that players will not encounter dogs or other pets as they traverse the game's outer space environment. The absence of dogs, often a fan-favorite companion in other games, has caused some disappointment among those eagerly awaiting the game's release.

Expectations Fueled by Previous Bethesda Games

In previous Bethesda games, like Fallout 4, canine companions were well-received among players. Many had hoped that Starfield would also feature a furry friend for players. Speculations were fueled further by concept art that seemed to indicate that pets could be a part of the game's expansive universe.

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Finding about Pets in Starfield's Universe

However, early access exploration of the game revealed a less-than-ideal fate for pets in Starfield's distant future setting. Furthermore, the absence of dogs hints towards the possibility of pet extinction in the universe of Starfield, leaving fans curious about the full scope of the game's environment.

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The Destiny of Dogs

Starfield is set in the year 2330, almost two centuries after humans have landed on Mars in the game's timeline. It appears that dogs did not make the intergalactic journey alongside humans.

An account known for documenting pettable animals in video games recently shared a screenshot indicating that Labrador Retrievers are extinct in Starfield. This piece of the game's lore was found in a description of an item called "Chocolate Labs". This item, a chocolate brand, is shaped like a Labrador Retriever, referred to as an 'extinct canine' in the game.

However, it is yet unclear if Labrador Retrievers are the only breed of dogs to have suffered extinction in the Starfield universe. A post from the same account suggests that players may not encounter dogs of any breed while exploring the game. Other proposed pet types, such as cats depicted in the concept art, have not appeared in the game so far.

Unsolved Mysteries and Anticipation

The reason behind the extinction of the Labrador Retriever breed remains a mystery. If an explanation is hidden among other item descriptions in Starfield, players have yet to discover it. As the game unfolds, fans are left to ponder the fate of man's best friend in the universe of Starfield.