World Series of Warzone 2023 Winner Shifty Considers Transition to Call of Duty League

Shifty, the recent champion of the World Series of Warzone 2023, has expressed a potential interest in playing in the Call of Duty League, following his team's dominant win in London.

The winner of the 2023 World Series of Warzone, known as Shifty, has shown interest in switching his game focus towards playing in the Call of Duty League. This comes shortly after his team, comprising of himself, Biffle, and Sage, secured a grand prize of $100,000 following their dominant trios performance which took place in London.

Impressive Results

After playing across six maps, Shifty and his team finished a significant 75 points ahead of the second-place team. They rounded off the tournament with a stunning 24-kill victory in Game 6, stretching their lead further than anyone could have expected.

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Shifty made a name for himself in the days of Caldera, putting up such strong performances that he faced accusations of cheating, and even went as far as traveling to a facility to try and prove his innocence using a LAN setup.

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On the 16th of September, Shifty silenced doubters when he achieved an impressive 44 kills across the tournament's six maps, the highest in the entire competition, narrowly beating teammate Biffle who had 43.

Potential League Change?

Shifty, following his victory, spoke about potentially branching out beyond Warzone and seeking success in new avenues. He expressed interest in the Call of Duty League, describing the lure of the challenge it poses.

'Warzone - it's a challenge and I like that - but something about the CDL entices me,' he explained. He spoke on his enjoyment of the hard work involved in rising from the bottom and his love of the energy at LAN events.

Several professional players have voiced opinions on Shifty's potential move to the Call of Duty League. Beans, from the Boston Breach team, remarked that being the best involves more than just a love for money.

Others suggested that Shifty would need to grind through Challengers to stand a chance of entering the CDL. Meanwhile, the three-time world champion, James 'Clayster' Eubanks, suggested that it's not outside the realms of possibility for Shifty to compete.

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'Talent would translate over as it's translated for a lot of CDL pros to Warzone,' he said in a reply to Shifty himself. 'Just would have to actually learn the ins and outs of respawn and it’d be cake.'

Whether or not Shifty does decide to pursue a career in the CDL remains to be seen, but his talent as an FPS player is undoubtable. If he is able to master the fundamentals and intricacies of respawn COD, there's no telling what could happen in his career.