Negative Reception Follows Release of Warzone’s New Resurgence Map

Call of Duty community members have expressed complaints and frustrations regarding Warzone’s new Resurgence map, Al Bagra Fortress, quickly calling it the 'worst in COD history'.Warzone's Al Bagra Fortress Controversy

Warzone’s New Launch: Al Bagra Fortress

Warzone’s newly launched Al Bagra Fortress in the Resurgence series has rapidly received a fair share of complaints and ridicule from the Call of Duty community. Some high-profile gamers, including Swagg, have voiced their displeasure over the latest addition.

New Launch and Reception

On Wednesday, September 6, game developer Raven Software officially introduced the Fort Resurgence map to Warzone, presenting it alongside existing resurgence maps, Ashika Island and Vondel. However, the lack of communication leading to the launch left many players feeling frustrated, culminating in severe criticism labeling the new addition as 'lazy', 'the worst resurgence map in COD history'.

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Swagg’s Frustration

Swagg expressed his discontent by initially tweeting at Raven Software, calling their communication approach 'embarrassing'. Following the map's live date, he questioned if that was really the new map.

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Criticism from Other High-Profile Gamers

Popular streamer Tyler1 was also critical of the new map. He questioned how something like this even made it to the live servers, or how the developers felt it was satisfactory for the game.

Lack of Enthusiasm for the New Map

In large, the reception to the new map has been negative. Players are extremely frustrated, claiming that it is just a zoomed-in portion of the regular Al Mazrah map, suggesting a lack of effort to adapt it into its own full-scale resurgence map.

What’s next?

The feedback is blatant, leaving it up in the air as to whether Raven Software will take the criticism into consideration and make any significant changes to Al Bagra Fortress. With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 and a brand new Warzone experience on the horizon, the developers might choose to disregard the criticism for now and focus on the forthcoming projects.