Warzone Glitch Preventing Players From Equipping Akimbo Attachment on 9mm Daemon Fixed

The glitch that frustrated Warzone players trying to equip the akimbo attachment on the 9mm Daemon gun has finally been addressed by the developers.

Warzone Fixes Glitch on 9mm Daemon Gun

Warzone had been facing a glitch that was preventing players from equipping the akimbo attachment on the 9mm Daemon gun. This issue has now been resolved by the game developers after several weeks.

Akimbo Pistols in Warzone

During Season 1, akimbo pistols were a significant part of Warzone’s meta. However, a nerf removed them from the limelight. The relevance of sidearms was reinstated thanks to the layout of Ashika Island and Vondel maps. Both Resurgence maps feature large waterways, and as is known, only pistols can fire underwater.

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For water combat, players have been preferring the FTAC Siege. However, the developers introduced a new pistol in Season 5 Reloaded, shifting the meta again. Infinity Ward revealed the 9mm Daemon, touting its semi-automatic fire rate as the best in class. The pistol has a similar performance to the P890 and X12, though it has a slower rate of fire but delivers higher damage.

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Expected Changes for the 9mm Daemon

Despite the introduction of the 9mm Daemon, it hasn’t gained significant traction among players as the developers may have hoped. However, that’s expected to change soon.

Previously, even after the players had reached the required level to unlock the akimbo attachment for the 9mm Daemon, a bug was making it stay locked. Fortunately, on September 8, the developers announced that they had released an update fixing this issue. They stated that the Akimbo would now unlock for players who met the requirements.

The community welcomed this announcement but questioned why the glitch had taken so long to fix. With the launch of a Lara Croft operator bundle on September 9, many players believed that the bug was finally addressed because Lara Croft also uses akimbo pistols. Reinforcing this speculation, one user responded, “The day before Lara Croft, y’all had to get it fixed.”

Other players added comments like, “Took you long enough,” and “it was about time.”

Wait and Watch for 9mm Daemon

As of the present, it’s still too early to tell if the 9mm Daemon will emerge as an essential weapon for close-range combats. Players are advised to review the best 9mm Daemon Warzone loadout for maximum effectiveness.

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