2023/24 Call of Duty League Season opener slated for Atlanta

Major 1 of the 2023/24 Call of Duty League season is likely to be hosted in Atlanta, with DreamHack Atlanta expected to be the venue. However, the details on the teams and league structure are not yet solid.COD League News

Atlanta to Host First Major of Upcoming COD League Season

Atlanta is expected to host Major 1 of the 2023/24 Call of Duty League season. Despite the teams for the new season not being confirmed yet, plans are already in motion for the season's commencement.

Speculations and Discussions

Widespread speculation about the league's starting date, the number of Majors, and the potential hosts has ensued. Most notably, these discussions include the implications of London Royal Ravens' recent shift to North Carolina.

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Considering the lengthy offseason following the conclusion of 'Champs' in June, fears that the new season wouldn’t begin until next year became prevalent. However, multiple reliable sources have declared that these fears are unfounded.

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Plans for the Upcoming Season

Details have emerged suggesting that the Call of Duty League has its eyes set on DreamHack Atlanta as the venue for its season opener. In addition, this event will host the COD Mobile World Championships. The event is slated to be held from December 15-17.

Interestingly, this is roughly the same time when Major 1 of the 2022/23 CDL season took off in Raleigh, NC. The previous season included a Pro-Am tournament that featured the top four amateur teams in the game, with online league matches commencing two weeks prior to the tournament, on December 2.

However, with DreamHack scheduled to last only from December 15 to 17 (Friday to Sunday), it is uncertain if this suggests a shift back to the traditional Major structure from prior years. Alternatively, the CDL portion of the weekend might start as early as Thursday, December 14.

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