Warzone Expert Spotlights “Crazy OP” SMG Attachment

Professional gamer, IceManIsaac, identifies a deadly attachment making submachine guns (SMGs) more lethal in Warzone.Gaming News

Overpowered Attachment in Warzone 2

Game veteran IceManIsaac has pointed out an overpowered attachment in Warzone 2 that has amplified the lethality of certain submachine guns (SMGs).

Advancements in Call of Duty

The well-known video game, Call of Duty, has improved its create-a-class system over recent years, empowering players to enhance and calibrate their weapons as they please. This involves tailoring guns to lessen recoil and morphing assault rifles into quasi-SMGs.

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Challenges with the New System

However, this evolved system hasn't been without challenges. Upon the release of some updates, some attachments were deemed exceedingly powerful, and some didn't exist at all. This phenomenon has pushed players to adjust their classes, sometimes causing rarely utilized guns to become dominant.

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New 'Broken' Attachment

In the recent Warzone 2 update, Season 5 Reloaded, IceManIsaac shed light on a 'broken' attachment which has made SMGs significantly more deadly.

The contentious attachment being spotlighted is the 9mm Hollow Point rounds, which are appropriate for 9mm SMGs, including but not limited to the Lachmann Sub, BAS-P, and Lachmann Shroud.

According to IceManIsaac, the Hollow Point increases Crippling Power when shots are landed successfully. This results in enemies being briefly staggered, although this comes with the tradeoff of decreased bullet velocity which is becoming an increasingly important factor on the battleground.

Enhancements to Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub, in particular, has greatly benefitted from the recent updates. In Season 5 Reloaded, the FT Mobile Stock received a boost, enhancing maneuverability for players.

Adding the lethal ammunition to an uprated mobility stock and compensator to enhance accuracy, 9mm SMGs have become incredibly damaging weapons.

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