The Controversial Halloween Nighttime Map in Call of Duty Warzone

An in-depth discussion about the difficult challenges that come with the new Halloween special nighttime map in the Call of Duty Warzone game. Specifically, the controversial Gaia skin that has been dubbed 'pay to win' due to its enhanced camouflage properties.

Players of Call of Duty Warzone have voiced their concerns over the new nighttime map introduced in the game's Halloween event. The core of the issue lies with the Gaia skin, which many claim to be 'impossible' to spot in the dark. This obscurity has led players to describe the skin as 'pay to win', as it appears to give those who have it a significant advantage.

In anticipation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, many players wondered whether Warzone would have a Halloween celebration. Contrary to their fears, the game did include a Halloween event, returning with fresh content.

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Beyond the new nighttime maps, The Haunting event also debuted a set of spooky skins. Of these, the Gaia skin has caused quite a stir among the players. The skin blends too well with the darkened background, especially on the nighttime maps, making it increasingly hard to spot.

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Despite players' pleas to address this issue, the game developers have made only minor tweaks to the skin's visibility. Consequently, the problem persists, and is further exacerbated on the nighttime maps in the Halloween event.


In both lighted and darkened scenarios, players have found it tough to spot the Gaia skin. With the arrival of the nighttime maps, it has become even more challenging to identify players using this skin.

Feedback from the players paints a troublesome picture. According to numerous accounts, the visibility of the Gaia skin in the nighttime maps is so poor that some individuals have ceased to play the game.

One player spoke about the difficulty in tracking their in-game killers over the past few hours. Their sentiment was echoed by other players who shared similar experiences.

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Another player claimed that the invisibility of the Gaia skin coupled with the dark surroundings of the nighttime map actually made them quit the game. They described it as a bigger turnoff than the cheating incidences in the game, which were already a cause for concern.


While efforts have been made to navigate through this problem, the results have been less than satisfactory. Thermal scopes, in particular, have been recommended as a solution, seeing as they highlight enemies.

Some players have managed to benefit slightly from the Spotter Scope. While it does slightly enhance visibility, the solution doesn't really address the problem at hand- the excessive camouflage of the Gaia skin in the dark.

Disgruntled players continue to lobby for changes to the Gaia skin, even with the so-called counters. Ideally, once these changes are realized, the playing field will be levelled, making matches more balanced and enjoyable.

Besides the gameplay issues related to the Gaia skin, the Halloween event hasn't been without other challenges. More specifically, the jump scares during matches have been subject to criticism, suggesting the need for numerous adjustments.