Warzone Professionals Call for Ban of Signal 50 Sniper Rifle

A number of Warzone professionals have called on game developers at Treyarch to ban the popular Signal 50 sniper rifle ahead of the World Series of Warzone Global Finals.

Controversy Surrounding the Signal 50 Sniper Rifle in Warzone

The Ban Appeal Before World Series

Before the World Series of Warzone Global Finals, Warzone professionals had made appeals to ban the Signal 50 sniper rifle. This came after Fifakill heavily criticized the one-shot snipers and fire shotguns in June, which he claimed ruined Ranked Play. Treyarch took into account the community's feedback and banned both. This action by the game developers led some to predict that it would be the end of sniping in competitive Warzone. However, it has taken a different turn.

The Popularity of the Signal 50

The Signal 50 sniper rifle, despite not being able to take down an enemy in one shot, has flooded Ranked Play and WZ tournaments with its fast-firing feature. As expected, community members started to call for its nerf due to its widespread usage. The developers initially refused to nerf this popular rifle, but later made changes reducing its neck and upper torso damage multipliers. However, even after its nerf, some Warzone professionals believe it should be completely removed.

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Vociferous Criticism from the Community

FifaKill and other members of the Warzone community have been vocal about their disdain for the Signal 50. On September 1, a few weeks before the World Series of Warzone Global Finals, Fifakill suggested the Signal 50 should be banned from the competition due to its use being a 'bailout' for teams who struggle to fight. Other community members also echoed his argument in the comment section.

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FifaKill's Argument against the Signal 50

One of the arguments from Fifakill was that the weapon slows down matches and provides an unfair advantage in taking down unsuspecting enemies. A sentiment echoed by others such as Warzone content creator IceManIsaac who expressed that for some, the Signal 50 acts as a 'crutch', and it's boring for the viewers to watch. Fifakill further elaborated that being able to kill from hundreds of meters away with no risk of punishment is too overpowered for competitive play.

FaZe Nio's Thoughts on the Issue

FaZe Nio, a Warzone streamer, supported this sentiment emphasizing that the Signal 50 'has zero place in comp, especially with the night view' and termed it 'the biggest cheese with the least skill'. As the World Series of Warzone Global Finals approaches, it will be interesting to see whether Treyarch would implement such a significant change just before the tournament.

Updates on the Signal 50 Controversy

Meanwhile, we will keep the community updated in case a ban on the Signal 50 is announced.